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Home-wreckers Website: Site Shames “the other woman”

Young woman upset with man on phone


By: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever been with someone who has cheated on you? What were you feeling when you found out? You were probably pretty angry at your partner, but also angry at the woman that he cheated with. There is a website that can help you vent your frustrations and expose her for being a homewrecker at the same time, although will it really solve anything? and the Facebook page for the site are definitely not short on followers. The Facebook page alone has over 240,000 fans. The basis of the site is that you can expose the “other woman”. You can post your story, her name, her location, her photo, and sometimes even her address or phone number. You can let the world know who she is and what she has done. Women also use the site to get advice on how to retaliate and express their concern that their partner is cheating.

Most of the postings that you see on the site and Facebook page are directed at the mistresses but very little are directed at the cheating partner. It almost makes the page seem petty and juvenile. Is it really solving any of your problems by doing this? Does shaming another person make things better long-term or is it just a short-term release that may leave you feeling like a schmuck later on?


Publicly shaming someone is more of a waste of energy on your part than anything else. What would your family think if they saw your postings that are trashing another person publicly? They would probably be ashamed of your behavior no matter what the situation is. Before you go around bad-mouthing someone else think about the consequences of your actions and focus your energy more on your partner and your relationship instead of condemning someone else.

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