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Part 1: Beauty tips for a bruh, please feel free to add on!!!

* Brush your teeth once a week with pure Baking Soda [arm and hammer] on the brush...brush is big circles..follow up with regular toothpaste

* Shaving - I use electric clippers, like the barber uses to reduce the length of the hair...followed up with shaving cream and razor....followed up after shave...followed up by vitamin E afterwards. This is my procedure to reduce razor bumps.

* Olive oil on the scalp to reduce dandruff. Use a little after a shower/bath. At first it will appear very shiny, but after a few minutes the scalp will return to regular, but this very helpful for ending dandruff

* start every day with a multivitamin, drink plenty of water throughtout the day, esp during the mid day. Make sure the vitamin has the daily equivlent of Vitamin E [skin], vitramin A [vision] and vitamin C [body cells]

* exercise everymorning. Right when you get up and / or just before going to bed, these are the best times for overall fitness/benefit. Don't forget the cardio!!!

* Please post more stuff, i'll post more later!!! HOBO!!!


Who in the hell left the gate open???
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Originally posted by Huey:
Exercise everyday, I got it. Now I know I must use cardio everyday, but what about weight training? Do you do it everyday along with the cardio training (spinning, aerobics, etc.)?

I use a book called 'hot point fitness'. They have a set bodybuilding schedule. Most people do mon upper body...tuesday lower body...wednesday off...thurday upper body...friday lower body...saturday cardio [basically tread mill or bike for near an hour...usually like 35-45 mins]...this schedule is fairly easy to follow and jumop back into if you slack off alittle. I lift heavy once a week for upper and lower body...you can't really go 'all heavy all the time, with that 'no pain, no gain' thinking. Take it slow for at least the first three weeks..you will see body changes after a month. Good luck, God Bless you


Who in the hell left the gate open???
i also use supplements namely, creatine and protein drinks. It helped me bulk up esp in my chest and thighs.

ab work - the 'bicycle' sit up is the most effective ab developer, even better than the standard sit up and all those late night Abs builders/benders junks.

more to come

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