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History Channel Portrays Hannibal as Black, White People Cry Foul Over ‘Historical Revisionism’


History Channel‘s newest documentary series, Barbarians Rising, tackles the fall of Rome over the course of 700 years of invasions. However, the most recent episode that aired Monday depicts Hannibal of Carthage as a Black man, and many white history buffs are crying foul over the “historical inaccuracy.”

In the series, Hannibal is portrayed by Black British actor Nicholas Pinnock. The famous Carthaginian was a thorn in the empire’s side. He became a general at the age of 26 and managed to unite barbarian tribes to stop Rome’s imperial rise. The military genius was famous for climbing the Alps with war elephants whose sole purpose was to stomp the Roman army.

Hannibal ultimately wanted to invade Rome, but he failed to do so.

There have been debates over the race of Hannibal. This debate still continues till this day.

Here are some Youtube comments that where left below the clip:



But, . . . :



topic posted Thu, February 28, 2008 - 9:50 AM by  Metaphysics

Hannibal Barca Hannibal Barca, who was the greatest military leader and strategist of all time, was born in 247 B.C. when Carthage, the then maritime power, had started to decline.

Hannibal accompanied Hamilclar, his father, in a battle against the Romans when very young, and he succeeded his father and became supreme commander of the peninsula seventeen years later.

Hannibal, the North African Hercules is the black man hailed by scholars and military historians as the father of military strategy. Hannibal performed the astounding feat of marching his army and war elephants through the Alps to surprise and conquer his enemies in 218 B.C. With only 26,000 of his original force of 82,000 troops, he defeated Rome which was the mightiest military power at the time, with an army of a million men. For the next fifteen years Rome was defeated in every battle.

Hannibal’s tactics are still taught today in leading military academies of the U.S.A., Europe & other lands, and to this very day his genius as a strategist, warrior, statesman and economist, along with his example of moral courage, is an example to be emulated by all members of the African, Afro-American, West Indian and Black Communities across the globe.

In one battle led by Scipio, the Romans put 80,000 men on the battle grounds to defeat Hannibal. When Scipio attacked with his entire army, Hannibal had so studied the layout of the field and had organized his men in such a way, that they surrounded the Romans. He then turned his war elephants loose and crushed them first before sending in his African swordsmen behind them to complete the slaughter. Scipio Africanus admired and praised his noble enemy, and the two adversaries developed a friendship.

In another battle, Rome sent 90,000 men led by Varro and Emilius. With only 50,000 men, Hannibal placed the weakest part of his army in the centre contrary to the best military rules, knowing that he could not win if he had used his main force. With his veterans and cavalry on both wings, the Romans attacked them in the centre just as Hannibal had envisaged. When they were sure of a victory by overcoming the centre, Hannibal's flank then closed in and killed 70,000 men and 80 senators, including Emilius.

    Thu, February 28, 2008 - 9:51 AM

    Hannibal was described as a tall man of exceptional physical strength, endurance, skill as an athlete and soldier. The men who served under his command admired his superior martial art skills and his willingness to endure the same hardships that they were faced with. These physical and mental characteristics made him stand out high above all the others.

    Hannibal possessed extraordinary courage, cunning, resourcefulness, great intellect, all of which made him a difficult opponent against the Romans. His charismatic influence as an orator, politician, and military commander enabled him to solidify an army made up of Phoenicians, Greeks, Estrucans, Africans from the many nations of Africa, Iberians from Spain, nomads of the African Coast, Gauls, Libyans, and Numidians, making him therefore the first commander in charge of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial military force.

    Hannibal used his great personal wealth, which was envied by the Romans, mainly to finance the army that defended the Carthaginian Empire and enabled him to maintain the war against Rome.

    The Romans reluctantly admitted that Hannibal was a lot less cruel than they were during combat, and that he treated women captured in battle with the utmost respect compared to the Romans.

    Hannibal was famous for his honourable and courteous treatment of prisoners, friendly camaraderie with his troops, the frightening intensity of his anger, and his intense hatred of Rome.

    Hannibal would rise early in the morning and retire late at night to sleep. He was the first to engage the enemy in battle and the last one to leave. He was a moderate drinker of wine and displayed physical fortitude when challenged by the extreme cold of the Alps, or the vicious heat of the African climate.

    Hannibal the Great, however was superior to Alexander the Great when it came to self-control, his own anger, moral integrity, and how he could render his facial expressions unreadable to the observer. He was challenged far more than Alexander when one considers the reversal of fortune he had to contend with.

    There were several European nations which fell under black Africa's rule. Hannibal, the great genius and Carthaginian general plundered deep inside Europe and seized Spain, Portugal, a portion of France, all of Italy and also made a triumphant trip across the Alps to conquer Rome.

    Phoenician The Carthaginians were descendants of the Negro-Phoenicians also called Zidonians who were the descendants of Ham's grandson Sidon, the black first son of Canaan. (This bust of a Phoenician is from the Louvre museum.) They were known as great Black merchants who traded with India, the people of the Mediterranean and the Scilly Isles, but the Phoenicians were also highly skilled seamen, navigators, ship builders, traders, and architects.

    Hannibal was a member of the Barca family which was the most prominent family of the Carthaginian Empire which was renowned for its enormous prosperity and dominance of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The people of Carthage were described by contemporaries as having very dark skin, flat noses, finely curled hair, and full lips, as commonly seen among North Africans. The Carthaginian women were famed for their beauty and the men for their handsome appearance.

    While dwelling in Europe, Hannibal and his Negro-African Army intermixed their blood with the Europeans, and even to this day, the people of those nations have frizzy coiled hair and darkish skin.
  • Hannibal Barca of Carthage, North Africa


    Image: Coin bearing the image of Hannibal and his famed battalion of elephants.
    In 247 B.C., the year Hannibal Barca was born, the Carthage empire was about 500 years old. Known as one of the greatest strategist in military history, the battles of Hannibal would strike a turning point in the history of the continent that would be called Africa.
    Carthage had been settled by Phoenicians as a city-state in North Africa near the current Tunis. In his 1961 work, French Historian Gabriel Audisio comments that he considered "Hannibal to be neither a Phoenician, nor a Carthaginian, nor a Punic, but a North African... The majority of the Punic populace seems to have had African, indeed Negroid, ancestry." Whether described as Carthaginians, Phoenicians, or Punics of North Africa, according to Audisio's research they were certainly a mix of aboriginal North Africans that included the native Berbers, Moors and other groups. 

    The Phoenicians were a Semitic language people. English writers and speakers can thank the Phoenicians for the current English phonic system. The English Alphabets were borrowed from the Phoenician script. Their cultural influence was wide throughout the Mediterranean Sea nations. They were known as skilled sea merchant traders. They ruled in pre-Roman and pre-historic Iberia (currently Spain and Portugal nations on the Iberian Peninsula), until losing against Rome in the Third Punic War. The city of Carthage was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC.
    There is no picture of Hannibal in existence today. The coin above is frequently presented by commentators as a representation of Hannibal and his legacy of tamed elephants. While this writer was not able to find an academic source for this coin to confirm its date -- which was more than 2,000 years ago. The existence of such coinage during some point during our common age is no surprise in light of Hannibal's historical legacy.
    What we do have are descriptions of Hannibal by commentators of his time. According to the Roman historian Levy of the first century of our era, Hannibal was "fearless, utterly prudent in danger, indefatigable, able to endure heat and cold, controlled in eating habits, unpretentious in dress, willing to sleep wrapped in military cloak, a superb rider and horseman." He was the son of the Carthage general Hamilcar Barca. There is no knowledge of his mother in the history records, not even her name. He had two brothers: Hasdrubal resided in Spain and Maharbal was captain of Hannibal's calvary.
    Carthage and Rome were at war during the First Punic War (264-241 B.C.). Both empires were seeking supremacy over the Mediterranean. Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, general of the Carthaginian mercenaries, was infuriated about the western Mediterranean losses of Sicily and Sardinia. When Hannibal was 17 years old, however, his father was killed in an ambush in Spain, which was primarily under the rule of the North African empire. Hannibal would son step fully into his military career.

    Map of Carthage empire and Roman empire
    In October 218 B.C., during the Second Punic War, Hannibal had arrived at the Alps. His soldiers are said to have stretched for more than eight miles at the Alps, the foothills of the Roman Empire. Hannibal's army of 100,000 men would trek and fight 1,500 miles to arrive at the Alps from Spain. Hannibal armies included Numidians, North Africans from an area roughly where Algeria now draws its boundaries. The Numidians were known as master horsemen who could guide their horses with their knees, leaving their hands free to use swords and throw javelins.They had fought attacks from European tribes like the Gauls.
    Hannibal is said to have given this speech to the army of men who had survived and crossed the swift-flowing Rhone river:
    "Why are you afraid?... The greater part of our journey is accomplished. We have surmounted the Pyrenees; we have crossed the Rhone, that mighty river, in spite of the opposition of thousands of Gauls and the fury of the river itself. Now we have the Alps in sight. On the other side of those mountains lies Italy.... Does anyone imagine the Alps to be anything but what they are--lofty mountains. No part of the earth reaches the sky, or is insurmountable to mankind. The Alps produce and support living things. If they are passable by a few men, they are passable to armies."
    Hannibal lost half of his army in the first two weeks into the Alps. Landslides were touched off by mountain tribes. Men died during hand battle with tribesmen. Starvation and disease were also companions of the embattled lot. Polybus, a Greek historian and contemporary to Hannibal, described Hannibal's arrival to the Po Valley with about 26,000 men. At the Po Valley, Hannibal is said to have made this speech:
    "Soldiers! You have now surmounted not only the ramparts of Italy, but also Rome. You are entering friendly country inhabited by people who hate the Romans as much as we do. The rest of the journey will be smooth and downhill, and, after one, or at most a second battle, you will have the citadel and capital of Italy in your possession."
    Commentators have speculated on why Hannibal spoke these words because the men were about to face the most difficult part of the journey. Friends did not await in the Po Valley. Here, the Roman army would meet the men in battle. In retrospect, considering how far the men had come, there really was no going back at this point. The Carthaginians believed that Rome was considering an invasion of Africa. Hannibal believed he had to act through an overland attack on Roman to save Carthage. He would spend 15 years in Italy, winning many battles -- such as the Battle of Cannae where he lost 6,000 troops to Rome's 70,000 troops.
    We know Hannibal did not succeed, but are astonished by how close he came to success. The second of the Punic Wars was over. When Hannibal eventually retreated with his army to Carthage, his army was defeated by Scipio Africanus in the Battle of Zama.  Always sought by the Romans, when Hannibal was about the age of 64 and to be taken prisoner, he took poison and is recorded to have stated:
    "Let us now put an end to the great anxiety of the Romans who have thought it too lengthy and too heavy a task to wait for the death of a hated old man."

    Hon. Dr. John Henrik Clarke on Carthage











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  Bottom line?  He was BLACK!!!!! The foulness is WHITE PEOPLE LYING ALL THESE YEARS ABOUT OUR BLACK HISTORY.  They're mad cuz they cannot LIE anymore.    We can PROVE that he was in fact BLACK....not just that...but!  AFRICAN.  White folks need to quit this bullshyte.  This jig is up yall.  No more lies.  Bad enough you make Jesus white.  As why I don't BELIEVE he ever existed.  But!

Exposes the tons of brainwashed white people who think all achievements and accolades belong to white people. It's some really sick muggafuggas in our communities, we work with and associate with that are deeply invested in white mythology. Hell when the figures and images of ancient artifacts show Black people, they always something other than Negroid. 

This says it all, can't get much more negroid than that!

This is why I keep saying...BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THEIR BLACK HISTORY....ALL OF IT.  This includes African America history as well African history.  I cannot stress this enough.  Cuz this is HOW mofos like these idiots gets it confused.  They wanna believe that they are white HEROES of the world....and it's a lie.  Hey...they just started giving their children at childhood in the 17th century....and that's only cuz they had female slaves to take care of their children cuz their whore mail order brides didn't have the ability to raise children.  Know why?  THEY DIDN'T FOCKING KNOW HOW.  All white whores know how to do?  Is lay on their backs.  That's it, that's all.  And as I said in another post, we need to CONFRONT their asses on this misinterpretation of who we are.  They NEED to know if it wasn't for us?  The white women will still be in brothels...and massa and his boys will still be roaming the seas looking to fuck and fight.  And it ain't with WOMEN.  So they need to focking recognize WHO SAVED THEM.  Bottom line.  But!



Hannibal wasn't a Black man. He was a Punic. Punics were conquerors of the Iberian peninsula. Punics claim their lineage through Phoenicians. They even spoke a dialect of Phoenician.  Phoenicians were colonizers of the Mediterranean.

Even his name isn't African, the language he spoke has absolutely nothing to do with African people (he spoke Greek, Phoenician, Punic and Numid) which are also not even Black derived languages. The gods they worshiped aren't African, they were Semitic...the god Baal is mentioned several times the Bible, you know the god these Carthaginian people sacrificed their kids to.

Just because it is in Africa, doesn't mean it's Black. I wish Black folks would stop claiming people that have absolutely nothing to do with the history of Black people. 

Hannibal isn't a Western European either, he's part of Iberian tribal people that came out of Greek/Phoenician colonization. The Punics, Hannibal's ethnicity, fought against the Greeks and Romans over trade routes. Greeks, Romans and Punics are basically cousins.

Hannibal wasn't a hero of North Africa, he was a colonizer of it that was defending his turf from the Romans.

There's a reason why Italians wanted North Africa back during WW2. There's a reason why Hitler was into Indian religion. There's a reason why White people love claiming Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans. Think about it. 

It's a deluded racial fantasy White people have with their claim to being part of the "Superior" race. To claim they are from Atlantis or whatever the fuck  they believe they come from.

Black people need to stop joining White people in this deluded racial fantasy by claiming motherfuckers that are so far removed from Blackness and actually were enemies of Blackness. Hannibal's rule over North Africa was just non-Black rule. Just like most of Egypt's history is non-Black rule. North Africa always been a whore to Berbers, Arabs, and Europeans.

Black folks need to stop claiming motherfuckers just because White folks are just as ignorant in thinking everything that is not Black or Asian is White just like Black folks think anything that occurred in Africa 1000s of years ago, had to be done by a "Black" person. 

It's really dumb. Hannibal isn't Black. He's obviously isn't Black. Modern Day Carthrage is in Tunisia, how many Black folks are in Tunisia. They all look White for a reason. Even the portraits and busts of people back then, don't look Black for a reason. Because they are Berbers and Berbers aren't Black people, they are Semitic Indo-European people that just happened to settle in North Africa.

Look at a bust of Hannibal, he isn't Black. Look at the portrait of Augustine of Hippo...isn't Black.

Also Modern Day Tunisia, used to be called Africa by the Romans, eventually they just named the entire continent that. Even the land mass was named after non Black folks by non Black folks.

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GoodMan posted:

This is what modern Carthaginian people look like...look at how Black they are


And they aren't White

This is one way all those who stole Africa's History, Creations, and Legacy are able to keep getting away with it, by perpetrating the MYTH that the people who dominate the population in a given part of the world NOW are the people who have always been there, that they are aboriginal/indigenous to the land.  

It's one way that "Egyptians" get away with continuing to appropriate the Legacy of Black Africans, it's the way that Jews get away with erasing the Black African origin of Judaism, they way Islam gets away with erasing Africa and Africans out of its origin, and the same with 'Buddhism' and "Hinduism" [i.e., all the 'major' religions], its the way the Catholicism continues to get away with their appropriation of Black African religion, deities, rituals and even manor of dress.

The people who are the dominate population NOW are not the same people as those who were the dominate population before foreign invasion(s), and/or who are/were the indigenous population, but are descendants of foreign invaders and/or the mullatto descendants of the indigenous populations and their conquerors.

At this point in history, of course, the people, the average citizen, of these nations, or the average believer in one of "the major religions" is not perpetrating the fraud, because they are operating out of the ignorance of their own history, ignorance of world history, the lies they have been deliberately told, or/and out of ignorance of the origin of the religion.

But, those in charge know the truth, those who deliberately oversee the continued perpetration of such an egregious fraud know the truth, i.e., the Vatican knows the truth, so-called "Egyptologists" know the truth, Historians (and historical revisionists) know the truth. 

If there had never been a such thing as "segregation", jim crow, the Black codes, etc., in this country, the Black population would now look like the people in the above pictures, and would be living in this country completely oblivious to the truth of our own history; we probably would have been, by now, thoroughly convinced that we were not Black or of African descent, or "the same" race as Africans, etc.


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Who Were the Carthaginians?


Actor Vin Diesel has recently announced that he and Denzel Washington will star in two movies that are both directed by Tony Scott and set in the ancient northwest African city of Carthage. Diesel says he will play the famous general Hannibal Barca, the man who led an army of elephants across the Alps towards Rome, in the second movie whereas Washington will be Hannibal's father Hamilcar in the first movie (WorstPreviews 2010). The decision to cast the dark-skinned African-American Washington as a Carthaginian leader brings to mind a heated debate that has surrounded the Carthaginians: were they black Africans?

Perhaps the first man to bring up the question of Hannibal and his compatriots' ethnic background was the Jamaican-born journalist Joel Augustus Rogers (1883-1965), who in numerous writings asserted that a number of famous historical figures traditionally portrayed as “white” were really black or had recent black ancestry. Among the many individuals Rogers claimed were black or mulatto were the Macedonian Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra, American President Abraham Lincoln, composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, and of course Hannibal (Adams 2005). With regards to the Ptolemies and Carthaginians, Rogers reasoned that since they lived on the African continent, they must have been black.

Not only is this poor reasoning, but it betrays a lack of knowledge about Carthage's origins. What Rogers overlooked is that Carthage was not an indigenous African civilization in the way ancient Egypt, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe were, but was rather a colony founded by Phoenician settlers from the area now called Lebanon in 814 BC. Those people were no more African than the Dutch settlers who would become South African Boers; their true biological and cultural affinities lay with the Middle East.

That said, the Carthaginians did eventually expand their empire to cover much of the northwest African coastline, so no doubt they assimilated some indigenous populations. There is thus no guarantee that the Barcas' bloodline was purely Phoenician. For Hannibal or anyone in his family to be black, we must assume that they mixed with black peoples who were already living in northwestern Africa prior to Phoenician colonization, raising the question of just who were the people aboriginal to that part of the continent.

Given that northern Africa has historically been invaded and settled many times not only by Phoenicians but also Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Turks, and others from Europe and the Middle East, and given the extensive importation of both sub-Saharan and European slaves into the area during the Islamic period, it would be naïve to conclude that the original northwest African population necessarily resembled the area's modern inhabitants. A better solution would be analyzing the skeletal remains left behind by northwest Africans who lived in ancient times, for populations vary in skeletal morphology and especially the features of the skull (or cranium). What does this type of anthropological analysis have to say about the biological relationships of the ancient northwest Africans?


It appears that coastal northwest Africans like the ones whom the Carthaginians would have ruled have been physically distinct from black African populations as long as recorded history. For example, one study carried out by Pierre M. Vermeersch (2002) compared the skulls of ancient northwest Africans with those of ancient Egyptians, Sudanese, prehistoric Saharan, and sub-Saharan Africans. He found that while the Egyptians, Sudanese, and Saharans were closely affiliated with sub-Saharan peoples, those from the northwestern coastline had a very distinct appearance from the rest. Another researcher named SOY Keita (1990) reported similar results, finding that while ancient Egyptians and Sudanese were predominantly of sub-Saharan affinity, northwest Africans were more varied: some did resemble sub-Saharans, but others were more similar to Europeans, and generally the northwest Africans had a morphology intermediate between sub-Saharan and European populations.


Why would northwestern Africans look any different from other Africans? The answer becomes clear when we look at the region's geography. The northwest African coastline is cut off from the rest of the continent not only by the Sahara Desert (which admittedly has only existed for roughly five thousand years) but also the Atlas Mountains. By contrast, the Iberian Peninsula is comparably a stone's throw away---in fact, one can actually see northwest Africa from the top of Gibraltar Rock in southern Spain. It would have therefore been much easier for southern Europeans to populate the area north of the Atlas Mountains than for Africans living further south.

This is not to say that black people were completely absent from the Carthaginian Empire. Not only did Keita find some skulls with sub-Saharan traits in northwest Africa mixed with the more European or intermediate-looking ones as mentioned earlier, but Pittard (1924) does cite one example of a “Negroid” (i.e. sub-Saharan African) skeleton being found in an ancient sarcophagus belonging to a Carthaginian priestess. Furthermore, Bovill and Hallet (1995) report that black Africans were present in the Carthaginian army which invade Sicily in the early fifth century BC, while the Greek writer Diodoros claimed that one Greek military leader campaigning in what is now Tunisia came across people similar in appearance to “Aethiopians” or Sudanese (Mokhtar 1990).

The totality of the evidence indicates that northwestern Africa in ancient times was ethnically heterogeneous, neither wholly black nor completely free of a black presence. If the Barca family ever interbred with the local northwest Africans, then Hannibal or his father Hamilcar having significant black ancestry, while not guaranteed, is a real possibility.


Adams, Cecil. "Was Ludwig van Beethoven of African ancestry?" The Straight Dope. Accessed June 12, 2011. Last modified May 27, 2005. was-ludwig-van-beethoven-of-african-ancestry.

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  Hannibal was AFRICAN...with a mixed of Asiatic nomads..i.e. Hyksos.  Which we all know invaded Egypt a few times before becoming Asia Minor.  So this was way after the total collapse of Egyptian culture moving toward the beginning of African slavery created by Arabs slavers(part of the Asiatic migration into North Africa i.e. Egypt, Alegeria, Libya etc. and the Barbary Pirates).   In that regent during that time semites were swarthy, dark-skinned with prominent features which distinguished them from the Europeans...whose light skinned so called "beauty" were popular during white slavery and sought after by the Arab slavers-which is another reason why today these cultures have very light skin and subtle European features.  It was designed that way by the Arab slaver.  They did not want association with the black slave.  So they created the color chart called colorism.  It is very important to READ whole history and understand the dynamics of European attempting to white wash every focking ACHIEVEMENT that Africans produce.  They always wanna be the white hero in an African situation.  Proof:  Michael Jackson.  He is a black man and yet massa had a white actor play him.  Cuz why?  Michael was a phenomena hero.  And they wanna take his reign as why they tried to destroy him while he was alive.  It's the same thang here.  With Hannibal, King Tut, Jesus[if he existed] and even Mozart, Beethooven-any thing good evil wants.  But if you are aware of world history and studied the cultures, you will be able to determine if what massa say is a LIE or not.  But just to take info from other folks conjecture isn't knowing fully yourself whether or not this is true.  This is why I always say READ WORLD HISTORY.  Cuz why?  Massa will lie lie lie!  But!     

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  Absolutely correct my sista!  But we can go even DEEPER than that.    DNA!  Problem-solved.  Unless of course, they LIE about that too.  We will have to get someone with no dog in the do the analyses.  Do trust massa or the arab even with their tongues notarized.  Just don't.  BTW.  White scientists and anthropologists are racists too.  As probably why they didn't do a DNA on King Tut.  Just sayin.  But!

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