There are many social networks online.

Some people's favorite things are going to them,

making a webpage and keeping in touch with friends.

Well,just like the social networks are popular for

business and friendship and fun, the Black colleges

have a social network site. It's a way to draw

people in for a movement.

Thus it leads me to say that:

Alumni Unit is known for being the fastest growing

conglomerate of historically black college and university

internet social networks.o It is set up to become the biggest

online community of educated Black people in America.

And guess what? It got started 5 months ago.

It's not affiliated with HBCUS. IT is steered with

active alumni around the US and as far as IRaq and


30 Alumni Unit networks offer current news,

connections, and a place to feel each other's school

spirit. THere you will find an increasing database

of graduates. AU is a new force that promises

to grow the influence and income of traditional

HBCU alumni associations.

LEfoy Grant, who established AU has

started the community of social networks when

we need it the most.

Grant's AU networks are a collection of

social networks made of over 30 website

communities, that represent an HBCU

that gets over 200,000 daily page impressions,

has official endorsements by 3 HBCU alumni

associations and has a database of 600,000

alumni and expanding.

Members of these 30 sites carry on in group

discussions, upload nostalgic and new pictures,

create groups for common interests and plan


Black alumni who keep active through these

30 custom networks are reminded through

a platform of how they can continue to make

a difference. This is instant access to thousands

of affluent alumni in one place and creates

significant possibilities for each member, their

alma maters, and alumni associations looking

for new ways to build their membership and

"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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