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whoa hoo! that is some avatar ronin10 !!

I haven't had time to check out the downloads - always a little nervous 'someone' is checking which downloads go where... 'thanks' to some of the a-h's in the music biz... but will do.

I was thinking today - looking at an egyptian music cd, what if any hiphop/egyptian crossover sounds there might be. All those cool trad instruments meet techno prowess...

I just love it when traditional instruments are played with a modern twist. Yeah!
. hey I did go back to check out these remixes coz I had only downloaded one last time.

Like Killstar - lush
Shot Down Remix - I'm thinking here's that Ramstein influence ?? A couple of listens and I like this. Smile
Of course I had to listen to your Saul Williams mix - 'life is more that what meets the eye' yeah! Like it.

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