:Thanks: I am new to this forum, well forums of all types. But I champion a few causes which I believe affect us all in these times...
First, my income tax company is appealing to more Americans to take a look at the largest income tax refund effort in IRS history that was available on the 2006 tax return. The IRS is holding a refund for many taxpayers on the now unlawful telephone excise tax on long distance telephone calls, which would include those made on cell phones, land phones and those over the internet. See www.irs.gov.
Far too many African Americans and Hispanics are unaware of this tax refund. Far more received only the excise tax credit when refund of actual charges wld have been a better option resulting in a larger refund. The IRS says 10 million taxpayers did not get a credit or refund of the now unlawful tax. In some cases, even deceased taxpayers who lived between 2003 and 2006, the period covered by the court order to discontinue this tax, would be owed a refund.
With the 2008 tax filing season just ahead,with the price of gas, food, Americans losing their jobs to other countries, on and on, can we afford to let these funds not be lawfully claimed? Our 2007 tax season helped many retired, seniors, disabled, dependents claimed by other taxpayers, and others who had phones but otherwise have no reason to do business with the IRS. See their site or your professional preparer or us. Also see my comments elsewhere on this forum.

Second, there is current legislation before the U.S. Senate, as the result of the bill Rep. Artur Davis(D-AL) introduced and had successfully passed in the House of Representatives to reopen the claim by the Black farmers in their lawsuit against the USDA. The 1997 settlement of that suit by the Department of Agriculture represents the largest civil rights monetary award in U.S. HISTORY!!!

The White House is threatening to veto this bill if it passes the senate. Intense debate has been underway since the bill left the house in October 2007. I ask all Americans who are for peace, justice and equity to join me in urging the Congress, your local civil rights organizations and President Bush to support this bill so that the black farmers who were so cruelly discriminated against can have their Day In Court.

Besides Rep Davis(D-AL), Pres. Candidate Obama(D-Il), as well as Senator Clinton(D-NY) along with others, support this bill. Join me in these crusades. It would be real nice to know that I can tell the Black Farmers in our area that it is the many that are with them, not the few. ,
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Hi there, Bill C.

And wel to the board!! Smile

That's really great information you've posted! thanks for sharing it! And please keep us posted regarding the Black farmers legislation. I'm sure many of us here will be more than willing to lend our support to such important and worthy cause! tfro
Hello Ebony Rose,

I have to admit that when I first decided to join this forum I had no idea what to expect. In these times of so much despair,heartbreak,uncertainty-dare I say hopelessness?-I have taken it upon myself to have a cause celebre; a crusader,if you will, who recruits other crusaders to become"footsoldiers" for the issues I outlined in my first post on this forum.

How refreshing it was to have you state your intentions to support me in this endeavor by joining me in this platform to express positive things so lacking in what we hear and see in the media today about the African-American,as well as,other cultures now being assimilated in this "special place" we know as America!

A hearty Thank You for signing on in our cause. Please see all of my comments to date on this forum elsewhere.
Well, we care a lot about Black folks and issues around here, Bill C. Smile And the plight of the Black farmers and their settlement has been talked about several times on this site. So, I know people are interested. In fact, I tried to do a search recently to find out how the deal they made with Cuba a few years back was going and if there has been any exporting taking place yet ... but, was unable to find anything about it. You wouldn't happen to know, would you? Confused

We, too, are working to become unified in giving our support to worthy causes and important issues that affect us as a community. A little ribbing on Congress happens to be a personal favorite of mine ... Big Grin .. but, I'm sure there are others willing to write/fax/call Washington if and when it becomes necessary. Smile
Hello again Ebony Rose,

You know the log-standing situation with Cuba-trade and immigationwise. There has been some loosening of the strings, so to speak. I would be happy to look into this issue further.

Hopefully, after the upcoming national elections it will become clearer what America's stand is on the entire immigration quagmire. If you would like to consult further, I am open to your approach as to what efforts can be put forth in this forum or in some other informative fashion.

I have several other websites in which we can put forth ideas. I think I have mentioned, or should have, that the farmers with interest in passage of the farm bill have a petition drive underway in our small corner of the world. And it does make me wonder why some of our national civil rights organizations are so reticent on this issue, as I was so kindly reminded after a speech I gave on the kindred issues a couple weeks at a branch meeting of the NAACP!

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