Hi, I'm new.

First things first, I'm actually white. I'm here because I was referred here by an African American poster on http://iidb.org. I started a thread asking for an African American perspective on the topic of racism. It was suggested that I try asking my questions here. This is the thread that I started: http://iidb.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=169970 I don't want to repost it here just yet. I want to make sure that such a thread is not against the rules here.

Thank you.
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wel ...and hang on tight, lol.
Which part of the planet are you from?

As to your post on the other forum... "racism eliminated at all costs?" yes, and nothing less. And to work toward that, it's up to us white people to look at ourselves, our culture, admit and apologize for our history, and our legacy of white priviledge, and talk the talk - to discuss 'our' part in the what is an ongoing abuse of civil and equal rights for minority groups and speak up for others' equal right to equal rights - to other whites, probably more so than to anyone else. JMHO... of course.

May I ask why is racism a concern to you, personally? Smile
I live in the US now.

Racism is not my main concern in life, but I do have a unique position on it, and I wanted an African American perspective. But first I just want to make sure that it's not against the rules to even bring up that topic here.

ETA: For example, I was banned from the www.cocoalounge.org for making, word-for-word, the same exact post there.

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