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Man, that shit was hilarious. Every time I think of that, I go into fits of laughter. Maybe when he's kickin', Candy will be chirpin' the Star Spangled Banner to put a little "umph" to the process dancin' down the Coon Train Line. I'll be in my bathroom approximately 2 hours after viewing THAT!!!!!! Either there or in the h.o.s.p.i.t.a.l.

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The Plantation Celebration Awards

Courtesy of King Flex Entertainment



<label>Time:</label>7:00 p.m. April 9
$35, $55


ACME Comedy Theater
135 N. LaBrea
Los angeles, CA  90036
Film producer and author Tariq Nasheed, who runs a production company called King Flex Entertainment, hosts the provocatively titled, first annual Plantation Celebration Awards. According to Nasheed, the mock awards show and comedy roast skewers mostly African-American celebrities and pop culture and public figures “based on their mishaps and scandals.” (Think Stacey Dash’s WTF moment on the Oscars as an example.) Voters via social media nominate contenders in some dozen categories, including “The Sell-Out of the Year,” “The Hip-Hop Sambo of the Year,” “The Mammy of the Year” and “The Caucasian Coon of the Year.” The event includes judges Zo Williams, Hope Flood and Freeze Luv, and stand-up sets by comedians Cookie Williams, Memphis Will and Kevin Tate.


I don't know who the Caucasian Coon might be, but i definitely know who has Caucasian Coon eyes. Those suckers have Cremation #5 (Funky Dineva) foundation circling them.

I'm wondering how proud the named Coons will be?????? Will they get a set of those clacking teeth I used to get at Christmas time??? You'd wind those suckers up and they'd clack away; like all the hot air that's emanating from heaps of sets flappin' on my TV. All those presidential dreamers with visions of invisible million dollar bills encircling their heads. Everyone of them hoping to FILL THEIR POCKETS; while all the little voting followers of the one they love suffer right along. Hopefully no one has to be forced to war.

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 Damn!  Can't go.  And it's not far from the city I live in.  Hope I get to see the video thereafter.  Sounds like a hoot.  And something that should be happen  annually...however I still have a small problem with the word "sambo."   To me it's worse than the n word.  Why isn't there an Uncle Tom award?  That's also befitting to a lot of black oreoes who front for massa.  But!

Oh,Lord!!!!!!!!! I couldn't even finish listening to this non-funny long phony-haired blonde broad. Never even heard of her until this moment. Funky Dineva's funnier than her and he's a he with 5,000 wig changes, that has me crying without even ever looking at the shows he describes on youtube. He needs a show.

I'm not a Ricky Smiley fan either. I don't just laugh to be laughing. Not too much is funny these days and not too many people either. It takes a special person to be a comedian. The majority of them are dead, that I remember. I'm more into singers. This heifer doesn't need a Coon Award, she needs another occupation. She must make her son cringe, blabbing about her sexual desires in "joke" form; ole nasty itch.

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  I hear ya my sista.  Just finished watching Tracey Morgan on Oprah's Super Sunday.  He's deep.  I never liked him as a comedian....reminds me too much of Martin.  I don't like him either.  But the interview?  Shows how MUCH he's grown UP!  Not a hood rat today.  There's something about facing death or being psychologically traumatized that causes people to get's purpose.  Even as ruff and tuff as Tracey has know growing up in the projects...that'll do it.  And the accident that killed his friend and injured many others....not only humbled him but made him realize his "gift"  that God gives everybody.  I now like Tracey Morgan.  He's a man.  A Black man...who gets it.  Now he can really live large cuz he knows that real life is about sharing, caring and being on purpose.   Black people used to love each other, care for each other and even share with each other-which made us very envious by those who wanted to destroy that in an effort to destroy us-cuz they don't have it and NEVER will.  That's cuz we are the original.  And we have something in our authentic culture that  no other culture has....and that's the real power of black love.  So powerful it freed us.  While  sex/white  slavery is still on and cracking since 3000 BC.  Which says a whole lot about black love.  It needs to resurrected cuz we need it now more than ever before.   But!    

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DennisKalita posted:
RadioRaheem posted:

the Awards will be live on Youtube...i'll post the link when I get it.  I think the leading White Coon is Riff raff...shown here...






over the line between laugh at and laugh with


we in the wrong business bruh....let's form a rap band...


Riff Raff Lands $4 Million Deal for Neon Nation Label, Drops “Carlos Slim” Single

Read More: Riff Raff Lands $4 Million Deal for Neon Nation Label, Drops "Carlos Slim" Single - XXL |

Just because you might have coins (Dineva), doesn't mean you garner respect. I believe folks are getting tired of all this "entertainment" shit. Intelligent black folks need to get together and discuss/figure out how we get out from under the white man's whatever he's been whipping our asses with for the past 500 years and counting. (I wanted to say "pecker", but I changed my mind, because I didn't want to die laughing while typing this blurb.)  All this mess is getting tiring as all get out.

We've entertained enough; to the point, it's not entertainment anymore. It's straight-out clowning. We're getting killed by the seconds; our men are all locked up in zoo-like cages, chained from head to foot; screwing each other in the ass, because they'll never see a woman again except for those male-like women that can kick ass worse than any man, called "wardens" whatever they are. They look tougher than boxes of nails.

America has turned into the Twilight Zone for Africans or whatever the fuck we're called by the minute. Who are these crinkly, stern faced, ugly white people who have sooooooo much domination over our asses and why????? They're just people too, so they say; and some damn funny looking ones at that. They say it's us that's funny looking; they haven't stared at themselves in the mirror or else, they've lost who they really are under that 500,000 lbs. of makeup and the surgeons' knives. I'm tired of this shit. No one's better.

We as darker skinned people of the world and in this "country" need to get our act together. Enough howling/"singing"/rappin'/showing your asses (REALLY showing your asses; a couple of you women are accidentally going to be taking us along with you for your next Pap Smear if you're not careful; that's all WE haven't SEEN yet. You're going to mess up and show the Port of Entry and that's not going to be PRETTY at all.) You're going to make some of us puke but there'll always some mother's son who'll be in Yankin' Heaven.

The shit has gotten beyond serious. Earthquakes are flattening people like pancakes, people are fleeing homes, people are blowing people up, people are hating off the charts. Animals called "men" are kidnapping and raping women's baby girls. No matter the age, they are their mothers' baby girls.

The darkest skinned people in this country need to get our act together, because we might become just like the Syrians, trying to flee this motherfucker. I ain't feeling too spiffy at the moment, to walk to the end of my sidewalk. Ain't got time for all this foolishness and criminality and running or walking anywhere unless it's that bathroom and right now that's a chore.

Too much profanity? They say, when folks use a lot of profanity, they can't think of decent words to say. That's me. Toodles.

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