Watch This Dancing Traffic Cop Tear Up The Roads With His Sweet Moves

Posted: 10/29/2014 3:04 pm EDT Updated: 10/29/2014 3:59 pm EDT

When drivers come through this traffic cop's intersection, they really can't help but smile.


As a traffic cop, Indiana State Trooper Dujuan Presley-McFadden's job entails making sure drivers are in accordance with the rules of the road. But for the policeman, who's spent 16 years on the force, it also means some boogie-ing and breaking it down, WishTV reported. McFadden of Parke County, Indiana, now dubbed the "Dancing Trooper," gets his groove on while directing traffic, and also entertains people stuck at a standstill.


"I want to give them a different perspective of law enforcement in general, not just Indiana State Police, but let them know as law enforcement, we have a human side as well and to let them know we can have a good time as well," the officer told the source.


The officer's funky style has its roots in his college career at Jackson State University. It turns out, McFadden has a bit of a dance background.


"I was in a marching band from the South. I come from a nontraditional marching band where that’s what we traditionally do is dancing, a lot. But nothing professionally, not at all, just having fun dancing," said McFadden told WishTV.


While McFadden's moves put smiles on the faces of people in Indiana, he isn't the only cop with rhythm. Tony Lepore, a former traffic cop in Providence, Rhode Island, comes out of retirement every December to direct traffic and bust some moves, the Associated Press reported. Lepore prides himself making people laugh on their commutes, dancing a little disco and a little salsa.

Mentoria Hutchinson is another traffic cop putting some pep in her step while directing drivers in New York. For her, it's a way to not only cheer up those on the road, but bring some joy into her own life.


"I've never seen anyone dance and be mad. Have you? It's the best way to keep yourself happy," she told The New York Times.

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I've seen a story on this officer before and a couple others doing the same thing.  It is refreshing to see a police officer who can do his job without malice and/or contempt for anyone, especially even going out of his way to spread positivity instead of negativity.

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