Goldenseal in the form of a tincture (liquid w/an eyedropper) - w/o alcohol... I like to take it straight no chaser 2 eyedroppers full in the morning and two in the evening... If you can not take the taste by itself, you can add it to some juice... Works for me every time I feel a cold coming on...
All of the above are good... and If you have an Indo-Pak/Halaal store near by get Joshanda, it's an herbal cold cure. it comes in two forms, a powdery instant form in a packet the size of a tea bag called Johar Joshanda, and the straight herb form(roots, sticks, and all) in a larger bag called Marhaba Joshanda . I add honey & lemon to make it taste a little better... but it isn't bad straight either.
Hey Brother Kweli, I hope you're feeling better. Frown

Ten drops of olive leaf extract and oregeno oil on the tongue will get a rid of a cold fast. Also drink plenty of water and SUGAR-FREE orange juice. Drinking liquids, preferrably water, rids the body of toxins, bacteria, and other unnecessary waste.

But as I always say, the the best medicine is preventive medicine. Eating a well-balanced diet (loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables) everyday prevents colds. Also, eat an orange, lemon (you can squirt lemon juice on your food and in your water), or a grapefruit at least once day. Citrus fruits are nature's natural astringents. Smile

Other ways to prevent colds:

  • Wash your hands before eating or drinking.
    You'd be surprised at how careless people are about washing their hands before popping things into their mouths. I once saw a cashier at the grocery store eating potato chips out of the bag while handling people's groceries and exchanging money in the cashier line. YUK! She was really putting her immune system to work.

  • When outdoors, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

  • Use your arm, rather than your hands, to cover a sneeze or cough, because we use our hands to greet people.

  • Keep hand sanitizer handy.
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