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I'm just passing through, I got into an email account that I don't pay much attention to and I saw email from this forum so I thought I would drop in and at least say hi. Is MBM still around he is about the only person I can remember. Wow its been a long time, must have been like way back when I joined. I saw that I joined in 2009 but I think the site was different then not like this one. I'm not the same person I was back when so much stuff has happened over the years.



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Welcome back!  


I don't know that much has changed about the site except for the fact that we have lost several very good commentators over the years, like EbonyRose and Nimaginate, and unfortuantely, James Wesley Chester passed away, for example.


And, of course this site has waaaaay more cyber competition than it did when it initially launched, which was before everybody and their mama had a website and there was no such thing as Facebook.   




Thanks for replying I certainly remember you. Yeah, there was a lot going on back 2007,8 and 9. Bush, then Obama. I was looking back at the comments I made, I was kinda angry and I contrast how I am now and there is a difference. I try not to hate, I want to hear people out. I think this site still has a lot of potential to draw good commentators. Where did Ebony Rose go? But my heart still ache for black people. I will stick around for awhile and perhaps I can add some interest and get to know some peeps here. 


Chester died, wow life is short it seems unfair. 


Thanks again and I hope to see you often right here. 

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