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Awwee..naaaww man didnt mean it like that..

It's okay.... Smile

I'm glad you didn't mean it that way....

Its just that I am trying to reach a diverse audience instead of just one.

I read your ideas for the site.... I like your focus. Perhaps you can inbox MBM with more specifics... (though I cannot speak for him or anyone else here), I think your suggestions, at least the direction you seem to be going with them, are sound.

I, too, at one point was a heavy advocate for home based entrepreneurship ventures for women. So, much success to you..

and another sincere welcome...

Hey, your from Maryland too? Awesome, my GF just showed me this board and looked interesting. Nonetheless,

I call myself Jack Acid because my nickname is Jack and I tell the honest truth that it's like spitting acid at someone.


*I'm almost 22.

*I'm the cerebral, nerdy guy in the back of the class who listened to all kind of music and was really into it. Not just a song I mean, I mean I know about the artists who did it.

*I play guitar and make my own music because I have a discontent for pretty much modern music.

*Artists like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, Esham and waaaay to many others are my biggest influences musically.

*I get really annoyed when someone makes a Jimi Hendrix reference about my playing or just me into rock music. I mean, c'mon that's like saying to a latino who's heavily into politics "You remind me of Che Guevera" Understand?

*I might seem to be a cynical gentleman, but once you get to know me, I'm quite plesant. But, If you want beef I'll bring the grill.

Peace and Love to all,
Jack Acid

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