I'd like to take this time to introduce myself. I'm PantherPrincess, live in WNY, am a caterer by trade. Raised two boys, the youngest is 17. I love nature, to me it's the best piece of art we'll ever know. I like theater, concerts, walking, bike riding, art, comedy, reading, and of course, cooking.
I'm looking for a positive place to share ideas & opinions with others.
looking forward to making some nice cyber-friends!
Peace & Love 2 All
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Thank you so much.
I've been not feeling well, so I haven't been able to give this the attention needed, but I'll be back up & about real soon!
Originally posted by kresge:
hat wel to the board!

Thank you. I'm finally getting to have some "me" time, so y'all will be seeing me more.

Seems like a nice spot.
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

Is that you playin' that music???


Naw, that's not me, but I wouldn't mind being your dancing partner.

Jim Chester

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