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Hello, technically I am not a new user, but I may be new to ALOT of you out there. I was a long standing member who took quite a long break away and am attempting to come back now...just wanted to reintroduce myself to everyone soooo hi Smile I live in the greater new orleans area and have all my life, I work as a child therapist, I am VERY open minded and probably the most laid back person on the planet Big Grin
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poor people desire money, rich people desire heaven, but the wise person desires tranquility.
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Originally posted by Vox:
Originally posted by msprettygirl:
I work as a child therapist...
THIS is a recent development, right? Congratulations! Welcome back! hug U r one of my favorite members.

As for your avatar... spank
Of course, I mean that in a GOOD way! eyes

No this isn't new Big Grin..i've been a child therapist officially (getting paid for it) for almost 3 years now, 5 years total if you count internships. I'm glad to be back tfro Ya'll are making me blush Cool

Nothing wrong with a little spank as long as it's not stck glad you meant it in a good way Wink
Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Hey now, sistahgirl!!

wel back!! You have been warmly missed! hug

@ VOX .... No, I don't think that's anything new! 19 If memory serves me right, She started working with the children as soon as that Masters got into her hot little hands!! Big Grin

Hey girl! 10 thanks
Your right ER! Excellent memory! I finished grad school in May 2006 and started working that July

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