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Hello, my name is Kenny Rushing.

A few years ago, I decided to set a goal to help to change the lives of disadvantaged and destitute people throughout the country. Regardless of culture, ethnicity, social status or background, I have always believed that everyone should have a chance.

I was raised in a low-income family where money was scarce. During my younger years, I made many mistakes. We should all have hope, but we all have insecurities that can hinder our growth and development. I had them and still have them. You have them. Typically, these insecurities are what keep us from succeeding. Against all odds, I have overcome many obstacles and become a success. With hard work and dedication, I have built a successful multi-million dollar real estate investment company in a short six years.

Today, I want to share my knowledge with those less fortunate than myself. I have decided to concentrate my initial efforts in the African American communities to create wealth through real estate investing and business development. I want to do my part to help my people tap into opportunities which will lead them down the road to success.

The House Hustling Movement will educate, empower, and inspire millions of disenfranchised people. The results will be less drug dealers, welfare recipients and Section-8 tenants in our communities. Many people just need an opportunity. By providing African Americans with social skills and education, the House Hustling Movement will teach African Americans how to achieve and live the "American Dream":

I understand the importance of financial security. I know we must mobilize our youth, our communities and, yes, ourselves to create and pass on wealth to future generations. African Americans are and can be great thinkers, innovative entrepreneurs and inspirational capitalists.

I urge you to join me in this journey to "higher learning" through real estate and business development. Real estate has been good to my family. I only wish for others to have what I have. I know you can do it. We will do it together. If we succeed, others will follow then, in turn, we will help others until we are a multitude. For the hopeless people of today, we must pass on the dreams of a better tomorrow one person at a time.

Thank you,
Kenny Rushing

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