thank you for your welcome Smile
I'am female, 38 years old and from Bavaria. For about 22 years ago I was on my first visit in the USA. There we visited the sister of my dad who married an African American and immigrated to the USA. With them we travelled in a mobile home through Washington State for about 5 weeks. It was a very wonderful time.
In Germany there was no much information about the African American History at school, so I never really thought about. But in the news Apartheid was quite mentioned, I started to try to get informed, bought books about it and became something like a member of the ANC, so I got more first hand information. My first book about African American History here in Germany was 'Roots'.
I was in the States three more times, the last trip was through southern States. There I bought some books and this started my interest in your history. With internet it's much more easier now to get information.
(English isn't my first language, I hope it's not too bad Wink )
Good Morning Listener....

wel to the board!

Great of you to join us. It's great that you want to expand your awareness of other people! Just be mindful to take each person as an individual, not a representative of a "race," and you will be fine.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Originally posted by listener:
to FireFly: no, I am not a fan of Wim Wenders. I only know the film Paris, Texas. I don't go to cinema very often and I don't have a tv.

I recommend his film Wings Of Desire - a film I suggest everyone see. It's from way back in 1987 - twenty years ago and still an influential piece of cinema. I'm sure you could find it on DVD.
I'm impressed you don't have a TV tfro but maybe you have a friend who does? Smile Keep your eye out for Australian musician Nick Cave singing in the club. Have you heard of Nick Cave? Apparently he's quite popular in Europe.
btw: Much has been written about Paris Texas - if nothing else, I like the haunting Ry Cooder soundtrack(!) WW's new film also stars Sam Shepard and was filmed in Australia.
I don't know if Nick Cave is very popular in Germany, I don't know his music and he is not on radio, so it seems, that he isn't very popular here. I just listened to the music short tracks on amazon, I have to admit, its not the style of music I like.
I will ask my sister because of the film Wings of Desire, she is addicted to cinema and films. With her you could talk about any film, I think she knows them all Big Grin

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