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HAPPY TURKEY DAY? About the Seljuk TURKS & Israel, Part Two


So why in the world would we today in America celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday with ‘the TURKEY’ being the main course of this THURSDAY HOLIDAY? Why would this one-day holiday always be celebrated on THE LAST THURSDAY [i.e. or FOURTH THURSDAY] in the month of NOVEMBER? In perspective, it could be viewed in a positive aspect, ‘the glass as half full’ or, it could be viewed in a negative aspect, ‘the glass as half empty’. But, in order to understand this aspect, again, it would take many books to reveal the hidden truths about this subject. Why did America choose to have a Thanksgiving holiday? Our books tell us that this Thursday Holiday revolves around the American Colonists and the Pilgrims who gave thanks to God for ‘their new land’. And this Thanksgiving Festival Dinner included the Native Americans [i.e. American Indians] who helped them survive a harsh winter. Well, perhaps one day, we may be able to understand just who exactly these ‘Native American Indians’ really were that the Europeans soon attacked after their Thanksgiving festival! So, do we celebrate Thanksgiving for the coming of the Europeans or for the destruction of the Indians? There happens to be a deeper reason behind this holiday that has been offered to us today.

At any rate, following will be a very brief breakdown on an ancient fall festival detailed in the Bible that was instituted more than a thousand years before the time of the Roman Empire. This ancient autumn festival came to mark a very amazing day about the walk of Jesus Christ. However, because the actual details of this ancient festival happens to be captured in several scriptures in several books in the Bible, it would take much more to lay it out completely, so this would only be a start. In order to understand completely, it would be crucial to understand how the ancient civilizations measured time and also, how the leap year became a major aspect. Many Black Christians today, have no idea that Jesus Christ was born and also Crucified during a LEAP YEAR. Nevertheless, his birth was also marked by the appearance of ‘the Star of Bethlehem’ of which confirms that he was indeed born and later Crucified during a leap year. So therefore, this brief description will pinpoint certain aspects of this THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY that marks the ancient PASSOVER FESTIVAL that was first instituted and detailed in the Pentateuch by the prophet Moses. Following this brief outline, I hope to one day add more deeper and detailed scriptural the references:


  • --The New Year of Israel was based on the Lunar Calendar—SEPTEMBER 14 @ 6:00 P.M.
  • -- The PASSOVER: There are actually TWO Passover Feast Days;
  • ~~~~~[1] September 14—the PASSOVER LAMB and then, the next day,
  • ~~~~~ [2] September 15—the PASSOVER BREAD—Unleavened Bread
  • --The 16th Day--


  • --Moses instituted 3 festivals and the other 2 are based on the First being PASSOVER
  • --PASSOVER is a Fall Festival but was changed during the Roman Empire times to Spring~~~~~ [1] PASSOVER FESTIVAL based on EXODUS from Egypt before Barley Festival ~~~~~[2] FESTIVAL OF THE TABERNACLE [i.e. BOOTHS] – a Spring Festival ++++++++++ Jesus was born in the spring, in a BOOTH & laid in a trough [i.e.] manger ~~~~~ [3] FESTIVAL OF BREADS [i.e. FESTIVAL OF WEEKS] --The 16th Day--++++++++++ This Festival of Breads is the Harvest Festival. ++++++++++ Its’ count is based on the Passover Bread –Day One- begins on the 16th Day-++++++++++ The Festival of Weeks [i.e. SEVEN WEEKS FESTIVAL] became +++++++++++++++ The Day of Pentecost! – Convocation Day Show of Breads 


  • LEAP MONTH occurred every three (3) years
  • LEAP MONTH means the Eighth Month became the Leap Month
  • LEAP MONTH means OCTOBER became the Leap Month & April became the Leap Month
  • LEAP MONTH Passover Festival observed in October, Feast of BOOTHS observed in April *** Jesus was born April 17 on the same day of Noah’s Flood; Second Month, Seventeenth Day *** Star of Bethlehem appeared on April 17



  •  OCTOBER 13 @ 6:00 P.M. means OCTOBER 14 for all Israel
  • OCTOBER 14 @ 6:00 P.M. PASSOVER LAMB begins—The Last Supper, Jesus goes to Garden… 
  • October 14 when the cock crowed thrice @ 6:00 A.M. --- Jesus interrogated by the High Priest Pharisee
  • October 14 @ 3:00 P.M. – Jesus was hung on the cross. Earlier, he was dubbed ~~~~~~~~~~The king Saturn, whipped, donned with the crown of thorns, royal robe, & scepter;  ~~~~~~~~~~ Jesus was forced marched and forced to carry the cross, with the help of Simon-the-Black
  • October 14 @ 6:00 P.M. means OCTOBER 15 for all Israel—A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE began 
  • OCTOBER 15 from 6:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. for three (3) hours it was dark due to ECLIPSE
  • OCTOBER 15, 1000 B.C., in the Second Month, on the Second Day, Solomon laid the [~~~~~~~~~~ FOUNDATION OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD, OCTOBER 15/16 one month after the Exodus MANNA/BREAD FELL FROM HEAVEN & the QUAILS FLEW over Israel
  • OCTOBER 15 @ 9:00 P.M. Roman Time – JESUS CRIED OUT AND DIED. [Day 1]
  • OCTOBER 15 @ 9:00 P.M. – The Eclipse was over and immediately there was AN EARTHQUAKE
  • OCTOBER 15 before Midnight – Jesus was taken off of the cross, dressed, & laid in Joseph’s tomb
  • OCTOBER 15 that night CENTAURIANS were posted at the tomb
  • OCTOBER 15 in the morning and all day, PREPARATION DAY for HIGH SABBATH
  • OCTOBER 15 @ 6:00 P.M. means ***OCTOBER 16—SABBATH BEGINS*** [Day 2]
  • OCTOBER 15 from 6:00 P.M. until the next evening the JEWS stay indoors
  • OCTOBER 16 @ 6:00 P.M. means OCTOBER 17 Passover Sabbath over [Day 3] 
  • OCTOBER 17 in the morning, Mary goes to the tomb
  • OCTOBER 17 HE IS RISEN!!! Jesus tells Mary not to touch him
  • October 17 during the day, Jesus walks through the wall and sits down amongst his friends
  • October 17 @ 6:00 P.M. means OCTOBER 18    


  • NOVEMBER 27/28 THURSDAY is the Day Jesus was caught up in the clouds
  • NOVEMBER 28 THURSDAY on the seaside Jesus’ friends, Peter, John, and etc. saw Jesus ascend\
  • NOVEMBER 28 THURSDAY—Jesus told his friends to tarry for the Holy Ghost to come


  • DECEMBER 9 was the end of the SEVEN WEEKS or 49 DAYS
  • DECEMBER 10 was the Day of Convocation; the 50th Day for the Festival of Breads
  • DECEMBER 10 was THE DAY OF PENTECOST – The Day the Disciples Spoke in many tongues
  • DECEMBER 10—the Festival of Breads/Weeks Convocation also became the Day of Pentecost


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  Welcome back to AA,org!  This is good stuff.  Blackfolks need to see this and recognize that the real Arabs/Semites were of African descent.  They were homogenized as a result of the Asiatic/European harlots I,e, harem chattel stolen from their homeland in the Caucus mountains by the Pirates.  And if you believe the bible....which I call one of the three slave will notice how they homogenized the look of Jesus.  Cuz if Jesus in fact existed he had to be A BLACK MAN with dreads.  Especially during the time of his life and death when Arabs and Jews had the same swarthy colored skin.  So.  It is time for Black people do their own research and investigation about who they are.  THANK YOU for this.  It's absolutely awesome information that will make many black folks think.  But!    

LOL! Okay... You said... "But"...

Okay, I will brace myself! Here it comes! 

Thank you so much! 

Oh yes!!!-- the PIRATES; the PIRATHONS... I tell you, I agree with you! They sure must have brought those women down from the Cacasus! 

And well, 'the Slave Bible TEachings', that is what I call it. Jesus did say in scriptures, that the Bible was going to be BLASPHEMED and that if we don't do our own research and that if our righteousness does not exceed those lying authors, publishers, and lying lawmakers--Anti-Christ [ie White Jesus idol worshipers], we would in no wise enter into the Kingdom of God. So, yes, Jesus did say, the enemy was going to completely distort ancient Historical records, from many ancient sources. 

I am grateful for the late Ivan VAn Sertima and the lat Dr. Hilliard and etc. cuz the Egyptian History as also been butchered, IMO.


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