Got that right?  As why now?  I do WHAT I WANT!!!  Cuz can't get it back.  So I'm a in the moment kinda girl.  Smooth music, good food and lots and lots of laughter.  Oh yea...that's how I'm groovin.  Cuz why?  Time is not only non''s also non negotiable. So you better get it goin on NOW.    But! 

Yep, you're black, intelligent and hated in this country, yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever. But there's just one overlook!!!!!! There has been some mad, mad fornication between the Haters and the Hated which produced CHILDREN throughout this land. They can HATE all they desire and then some; the truth of the matter:  YOU'RE HATING YOUR COUSINS. We're a family of 300 million related IDIOTS.

The TRUTH's a BITCH, isn't it???????????????????????????????????

  I've ALWAYS like him...always.  There is something about him that screams ARTIST...not celebrity.  And I feel him.  Every body got their panties in a bunch about Will and his parenting skills.,,,,but!  Will is quietly stamping out the stereotype that black men can't play leading male roles and get the recognition at the box office at the same time.  He is doing that as he slowly introduced positive black male characters to the world.  Creating a hungry story base for black people.  And that's why we need more black writers.  So.  I'm right there with this brotha.  He's gon play roles or create productions that tells our stories.  The real stories.  And we have so many.  But we must disspell the myth and lies about our contribution.  I hope these stories go back history[cuz I'ma history buff] retell the TRUTH about our past.  We shouldn't be afraid to do that since massa ain't gon stop lying.  And we can do it a way where it pose the question to the audience:  were black people kings and queens...and before that?  Were women the rule of the world....and what exactly happened to dismantle her reign.

Let's tell the truth.  Cuz I repeat myself over and over again...the real war isn't among is between man and woman.  We see it on the other side of the world.   And it is man who has launch this war on us because of our past power.  No white power.  No white woman playing a black queen....the truth.  We were the shit back then,.  And I don't understand why black writers are afraid to write about that.  Hell just make the damn movie....and let the chips fall where they may but at least our truth will be OUT THERE for our children to see and understand.  Cuz then they will know it ain't what the Jewish, European and Arab slavers say about us.  They are/were the monsters.  Time to expose them.   They DON'T own us anymore.

And..they've been playing the world's hero much toooooooo long.  Plus I wanna see films that displays the sabotaging that occurred between the black woman and black man.  I wanna see that there is a DIFFERENCE in our cultures...cuz we have one and they don't.  Tell the truth of what happened that we fought together side by side and the minute one of us became successful?  Suddenly there's a wad of spit in the face as if what we had as a unit had no human value.  Wanna see stories like that and  how they stole our culture  so young black people can see that we are in fact geniuses from an advanced civilization.  And let's do a movie about Black people in Egypt BEFORE Cleoparta.  When Hatseput[sp] was fighting for a declining matriarchal rule.  We can go even further and tell the story about the modern humans and the neanderthal[which I'm beginning to have questions this "convenient" European finding).  So we gotta get started.  Now.  But!    


  This is similar to what my daddy used to tell me when I was itty tiny girl.  And Brotha Tate is passing along his wonderful version of this powerful message in a dynamic heartfelt way.   Absolutely!  As a child, I was's called being creative now...or artistic.   I was the opposite of what little girls were supposed to be or aspire to be prior to women's lib times.  And because of what my father said to me terms of acceptance of who I was,  I never felt I didn't belong merely because I was not interested in those traditional "women" things.   So I bloomed into my authentic self.   As a culture, we need to hear this message once again.  Cuz we need to revisit the authenticity of what makes us who we are as black people.  Thank you my brotha.  So for the rest of us....who need to bloom into self excellence.  Hear this message cuz now is the time.   But!    

  Exactly!!!!  I love this.  It's a tee shirt moment.  Since the election, I've seen a change in blacks....the older ones at least.  They're friendlier, more willing to socialize with chit chat.  Shocked.  Got more Happy Thanksgivings than I EVER have.  Folks are waking up.  Good.  But!


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