#GrowingUpBlack when you had to take that long ass walk sniffling with tears in your eyes in the woods to get that switch from a tree branch so you momma could whup your black ass....And don't return with a wimpy switch.



#GrowingUpBlack when you did something you were told not to do. You didn't get a whupping at that time of your infraction but momma would wait until you're hard asleep and around 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning, she would wake you up with that switch blazing on your ass and your entire body as you're pulling covers trying to keep from getting hit. 


"Boy!" (whack) "didn't I tell you" (whack) "not to"



#GrowingUpBlack when I had a really, really bad cold and my aunt told me to go to the woods and get some pine needles from a pine tree. She boiled the pine needles in a pot of water, put it in a cup scalding hot and told me to drink it.


I said "I'm not drinking that! That's nasty!


She gave me "that look" and damn (I can still taste it) and then she told me to go to bed. Woke up the next morning, I was drenched in sweat and my cold was totally gone.


#GrowingUpBlack when you had to make your own toys all year to play with because there wasn't enough money to afford high priced toys (they weren't going to buy them anyway no matter how much you begged) unless it was Christmas time.




Favorite toy: Making a car.


Take a "Cane Patch" Syrup can (above), put a hole in the middle of the bottom of the can and in the middle of the top lid. Take a metal clothes hanger (above), untwist the top, open it up extending it all the way, run the extended hanger through the lid hole and the hole in the bottom of the can, fill and pack the can with dirt, close the lid, take a piece of long string or rope (above) tying it to the end of the open clothes hanger that you twisted together at the two ends and then start walking or running pulling the dirt filled syrup can.


If the lid comes off and the can loses dirt, just pack more dirt, put the lid back on and just keep on rollin'.


#GrowingUpBlack when about a week after Thanksgiving in the first week in December, your momma, all your aunts and everyone in the neighborhood would start baking their many cakes (chocolate, vanilla, jelly stack, fruit cake, pound cake etc) and pies (potato, pumpkin, pecan etc), for the Christmas holidays they would put in the china cabinet that you had to eat (because they told you to) after the Christmas holiday that seems like it took 2 more months to eat all of it.......You got so sick and tired of eating them (it was so much) AND then other ladies in the neighborhood would either tell you to come over to their house, eat their cakes and pies or they would bring over cakes and pies to your house for everybody to eat!


#GrowingUpBlack when one day, me, my brother, my cousin and my aunt were going into town (8 miles away). My grandfather was driving his late 60's built Chevrolet station wagon. We lived on a dirt road (very same dirt road today) and once we got on the highway, my grandfather was driving about 15 miles an hour with (at the time) a 50 mph speed limit as we were being passed by everybody.


My aunt (his daughter) asked him, "Pa, why are you driving so slow?"


My grandfather said that you have to drive slow because you have to be really careful out here on these paved roads and not get into an accident."


Then a farm tractor with a plow disc passed us like we were standing still and we all started laughing.




"All of y'all get your goddam asses the hell out of my car!"


He put us out and all 4 of us had to walk 4 miles in the 90+ degree hot summer sun, back home as he drove himself, into town. It took a long time before he would take us in his station wagon anywhere.


It's all good.


Growing up Black.



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