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I was just watching a debate of the Missouri Senate candidates on C-Span, and the Libertarian candidate said that government was responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths over the generations. It lead me to the question of which has the greater potential for "evil": government or religion?

Obviously, done well, both institutions can play extraordinarily positive roles in humanity. We also know that they can be misused to horrific ends as well.

What do you think?

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with this;
I think both have an equal opportunity b/c it it is not religion or gov't that is deadly but the people that run them. If a person can manipulate or brainwash the masses to do his/her bidding then it becomes dangerous whether religiously of through gov't.

Nazism was not a religion, but Hitler was able stir the people into a frenzy to do his bidding.

Oriental society places alot of emphasis on loyalty to a person thereby you have people taught at a young age that to give your life for the emperor is the ultimate sacrifice.

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