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The same old trend:

-Urban honnies after money.

-Suburban sistas after "large" n*ggas.

I can see it from a mile away; you know it when you see it...

A sister who wishes to make an introduction, but the only thing is it is all too obvious she is trying to lock cash, baby-make, and then semi-retire at age twenty/thirty something with a new found income stream: child support.

Brothers, there are good black women (angles), but then there are devils. D(h)ater-Be-Ware.
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Originally posted by qty226:
Youre kidding me with this right???

I havent seen a man yet, that has enough money to just spend on a gold digger.

Now this is really getting old... Confused

Ohhh, and another thing.......lets not talk about child support. Most men DONT pay..!!!

*im sorry, i had to let that out*

Agreed. Any man that willfully keeps spending on a gold digger, deserves to get taken. I have no sympathy for idiots. I've said this before and I'll say it again....a $5 box of condoms will help stave off a $50k child support payment if you don't want children.

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