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Buttigieg says being gay allows him to relate to Black voters

There's backlash after Buttigieg made his controversial comments during the most recent presidential debate where he admitted that he did not have to endure discrimination because of his skin, but he could relate to Black voters in another way.


Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg may have gotten himself in some hot water with Black voters after claiming that his experience as a gay man helps him relate to the Black community.

Buttigieg made his controversial comments during the most recent presidential debate where he admitted that he did not have to endure discrimination because of his skin, but he could relate to Black voters in another way.


“While I do not have the experience of ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin,” Buttigieg began, “I do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country, turning on the news and seeing my own rights come up for debate, and seeing my rights expanded by a coalition of people like me and people not at all like me.”

Probe of police shooting could revive scrutiny of Pete Buttigieg

There was sharp criticism almost immediately following his comments, including a critique from Sen. Kamala Harris, who called his comments “not productive” and “naive.”

The Indiana mayor has not been hugely favored among Black voters despite his recent lead in Iowa polls and New Hampshire polls. According to the Washington Post, he trails badly in South Carolina, the first primary state with a sizable African American population with less than 1 percent support among black Democrats there.


Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign used Kenyan photo to promote Douglass Plan for Black America

Buttigieg is also not very popular among Black voters in his own constituency as mayor of South Bend, Ind. Earlier this year, Buttigieg’s concern for the Black community came into question following the police-involved killing of, Eric Logan, a Black man, as it had been revealed that Black community members had previously complained about the officer-involved, Ryan O’Neill, for whom Buttigieg had not been quick to discipline.

Oliver Davis, a black council member in South Bend, said he did not agree with Buttigieg’s comparison.

“When you see me, you would know that I’m African American from day one,” Davis said. “When someone is gay or a lesbian, unless they tell or they are seen in certain situations, then no one is going to know that. They are able to build their résumés and build their careers.”


According to the Washington Post, Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been a supporter of Buttigieg claiming him to be misunderstood, said that the young mayor has a long way to go.

“I think Kamala had a point, and I understood what she was saying,”  Sharpton said. “He’s evolving. Do I think he’s where he needs to be? No.”

Rev. William Barber II, minister of the Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, N.C, told the Washington Post that he believed it should not be about who has been discriminated the most, but about dealing with the issues.


“Let’s not get caught up in who understands discrimination the most,” Barber said. “Let’s deal with the real issue, which is that the same entities that are against gay folks are the same entities who are against black folks and that we ought to be united in fighting discrimination in any form it arises.”

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  No he's wrong.  The difference is gay men or MSM is an old traditional patriarchal dynamic that came from Greece and Romans.  In other words, it is an European male thang.  Black males [who don't ever want to admit it] have been sexualized by European slavers the moment they kidnapped them and put them on the boat,  This of course includes Christopher Columbus.  And we as Africans didn't understand that shit then and we do not understand it now.  Cuz if gay dude wanted to?  He could just keep his mouth shut about his sexual orientation and STILL receive/enjoy  white privilege-which BTW is what most of gay men do.   But!    

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When I was young, we didn't even understand what GAY was. I had a gay dancing buddy in high school. He was sharp as a tack and could dance his butt off and mine too. I didn't know he was gay until we were beyond grown and he'd call me on the phone dying from AIDS.

I have three grown GAY grands and I love them mieces to pieces. I don't understand their lifestyle, but if I want to stay in their lives I know I'd better keep my damn mouth shut, and I do.

Why are people so damn proud of where they stick their private parts?? Whatever you want to suck on, keep it to yourself. Whatever your choice of lollipop, STFU, and people will be able to respect you without everyone knowing what flavors you choose. Really, it's nobody's business.

If this Mayor But had kept his mouth closed, all we'd have to deal with in his lying that all the politicians do; now we have to know that plus his suckability. Mayor But, No thanks!!!!!

Actually, when it comes to the discrimination, persecution, violence, hate and evil that Black people have endured, there are similarities in both groups, because Gays have been hated, stereotyped, lied on, villified, discriminated against, harassed, brutalized and even lynched, just like Black people have.

Even still, though, there are many Gays that are just as racist as racist heterosexuals are when it comes to Black people [and brown people].

It's just like the fact that there are also similarities in both the struggle of Black people and the struggle of women [if not identical]  historically.  Just like Black people [and Brown people] ALL women historically, have been villified, dominated, enslaved, discriminated against, harassed, brutalized and even murdered by men in patriarchally dominant societies, yet, most White women are just as racist as racist White males are.  

The problem with Buttigigieg even bothering to mention any similarities in the Black Struggle and in the Gay Struggle, is the fact that he has already shown that his possessing that knowledge, actually means nothing to him.  


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Racism is TAUGHT. Parents teach their children to HATE. What makes WHITES so much better than anyone else?? Their hair is dog straight, they're so damn light skinned, they're damn near transparent. By the age 50 they're built like the letter "Z", walking with walkers or wheeling themselves in carts going through the aisles in grocery stores.

Why is it when they came here and saw people with color they didn't hightail it back to their caves or wherever the FUCK from which they came?? They have the strength of nothing other than aiming guns and pulling triggers at niggers or some hapless animals in the woods.

If we'd have had an ounce of sense, we'd have sued them for all their worth plus, all the shit they've put us through and still are. If ever there was a TERRORIST, it's the WHITE MAN. No one knows that better than the Native American and the African.

A racist has to hate to make himself feel better. Otherwise, he's nothing but a human being trying to survive in the world his parents brought him into, just like ALL THE REST OF US. One day he'll be lying in the ground, 6 feet under, rotting away to dust like every other being breathing on this planet Earth. Won't be smelling too cool either. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust White Man/Woman. Nothing SUPERIOR about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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   Oh and the current discrimination of gays has to do with the BIBLE!!! In order for Europeans to unslave themselves they had to accept that made up dogma and someone had to be thrown under the bus.   So they chose the sodomites.   Because some European [gay] men i.e. called  pirates, kings, noblemen back in the dark ages were plucking each other [MSM] as their way of life and merely using women to continue their lineage.   This is a fact.  And when they kidnapped Africans, at first they only took the men and the boys.  And only went back for the African women because the African men/boys were dying like flies from various venereal diseases [i.e. syphilis and gonohorreal (sp)] passed on to them by the slavers/pirates and they i.e. slavers/pirates needed more human product to sell and enslaved.   So its funny how [some] white men wanna talk about their so-called heritage and way of life when in fact their history is riddled with wars[among their own white selves], famine[couldn't grow their own food] and disease[didn't believe in taking baths or practicing proper hygiene and many of em practiced sodomy/and or had sex with animals i.e. sheep/goats etc].  Which are stated subliminally in the Bible-like "sodomy" is a sin.  But most importantly Europeans living in their own country/land could NEVER figure out HOW to take care of themselves and their land simultaneously and therefore had to go out and invade other folks for survival.  So white folks talk all this privilege fantasy bullshit?  And that's exactly what it is....fantasy BULLSHIT. Cuz Africans and Amerindians NEVER invaded other cultures for food or slavery.  Each group had everything they needed- provided in abundance by their land. [ So the stuff massa say about Africans/Amerindians fighting each other in their own lands?  Being in poverty.   Needing someone to take care of them?  Lies!!!  All made up!  ]

And when Europeans say that upon contact Africans/Amerindians seemed child-like?  It's because Africans/Amerindians had no known enemies.....but had a one-on-one relationship with their spirituality/Gods for thousands of years before European came [in the 15th century] to West Africa and the Americas.  And that is also why most "monks" today  seem child-like in their commitment to their spirituality. Cuz that's how you are suppose to respond to your spirituality.  Not by kidnapping the innocents and forcing them into slavery to meet an inhumane way of life while calling it Christianity.  Bullshit!!   And remember the real Jesus was the name of a slave ship that brought unsuspecting Africans to the Americas.  So please black folks always remember that Christianity is a made up "white" religion designed for "white" benefit.  That's what the "Crusades" were all about.  And don't ever forget that 90% of Europeans [in the beginning of Christianity] were uneducated peasants/pagans working on Feudal farmlands after the collapse of Rome [cuz before the collapse of Rome they were "slaves"].  So this history that Europeans are always bragging about is reap with evil inhumanity and monstrous behavior that ultimately wiped out more than half their population.  And is the exact monstrous " behavior/way" in which they are inhumanely acting toward us today.  Just sayin. But!   

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Perhaps they're acting "inhumanely" is because they're INHUMANE!!! They have the hair of the dog and every other straight haired animal on the planet, including snow monkeys. They don't have a pair of lips between them; nothing but a straight line under their noses. Look closely and you can see the blood flowing through their veins. They kill everything breathing including themselves with not only bullets but bombs as well.

They're damned lucky when the initial people of color spotted them, they weren't turned into boiled Caucasoid with potatoes, rice, corn and gravy. Think of all the grief that would have been eliminated if the Natives hadn't been so welcoming. I don't know what the AFRICANS were thinking when they first saw these creeps.I see so many white men on my TV these days, they're starting to give me the dry heaves. They're starting to look like white roaches. All this impeachment shit, tying TV up for 10 hours at a time.

This crap would have NEVER happened with handsome President Obama. N.E.V.E.R. Thank God above, it didn't!!!!!!!

  uh huh.  You're right.  Im glad it didn't too.  But this is what they do.  Agrue.  Fight.  Steal.  It's all through their history.  Im not surprised.  They're showing  this generation who they "really" are.  For me?  It's like watching t.v.  When I get bored.  I put on the Temptations or  Motown Xmas. Or find something to read.  Im not wasting my digits.  Who wouldn't be mad if someone came in their home and made them a slave?  And try to turn it on them.  It's inhumane.   But hang in there my sista.  This is all about [republican]loyalty to the king at any cost.  Let's see how long this sovereignty last.  But!    

  Per the article/link.   In my view, the reason why there isn't a gay gene is cuz it isnot  part of the forming of the human dynamics.  It is a behavior/act-learned or born into.  But not born as.  If you look at the history of human behavior, the act of sodomy was once used as a weapon of war.  So just because through years the name changed,  it doesn't change the behavior.  And since the behavior has evolved as a way of life for many people, it doesn't take away where the behavior "initially" derived or was at one time a crucial element of every day life.  Cuz if you look at the behavior of European pirates  like the Vikings who became extremely active 400 years after the Fall of Rome.  The first thing they did when they invaded other countries/islands  was to sodomize the men and take the women and children as slaves.  As we can see here sodomy was used as a weapon.  We can go even further back than that with the Romans AND the Greeks who put the images of this act on their pottery to glorify its importance. 

So.  Today the behavior is legitimatize by the right to free will.  However, in other cultures  around the world the behavior is still banned[over 31 countries].   Therefore if this behavior/act was truly something innate or built-in, there would be no way procreation could occur.  So I think because we as "humans" are made to reproduce with each other is why a child must receive 13 chromosomes from each parent and other vital traits.  And is why the "sperm" is designed to swim up the uterine cavity searching for eggs-instinctively.  Cuz nature has a way of setting up its earth constituents with self survival/reproducing mechanisms.  Like with the Black widow spider who eats her mate.  Cuz that's the way  its set up for black widow it is set up in a different way for humans.  Has nothing to do with whether or not you as a human are attracted to this person or that person.....the body does what it is, again,designed to do.  Otherwise why would there be a need for another gender in the first place...if there was a different way to reproduce?  As of today you still have to do it the old fashion way to bring a child in the world regardless who you are.   So when they say they are born that way, this may be true.  However, it's not biological.  Nature proves that.     My only point. But!     

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I watch the Ballroom activities on this contraption. The so-called Gays don't seem to have any problem. In fact some of them are built better than any woman I've seen in my life.

My boobs have become so flat, I need to go to their tittie stores. I'm jealous. I need to pump mine up a little.  I didn't know that in later life, I'd become an ironing board. I need to get in touch with the Ballroom Crowd. They have it "going on."

RadioRaheem posted:


Seriously, though,  some people are going too far with this "identify as" sh!t.

Parents should not be pushing opposite genders on their children.  They should wait until that child is OLD ENOUGH to clearly come to whichever conclusion.  

I really think that parents need to be screened for Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome when they decide that, or convince their child that he or she is really the opposite gender.

[Requiring such screening should START with Charlize Theron]

There are too many parents out there making such claims for children too young to be that obsessed with gender in the first place.

I mean, what do you remember thinking about when you were 5 or 6 or 8 or 9 for example?  Playing, going somewhere you like, like the park or to your grandparents house, or your gender, or any gender at all?

You know if there are parents out there that are willing to sacrifice their own kids for convenience, financial security, attention, neglect, and even to abuse/abusers, there are parents out there using their children [and/or their gender] for 'attention-seeking' while hiding their actual Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome or Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome tendencies, behind the surge in and polarization of, 'Gayness'/Gay issues taking place now.

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When I was growing up, I didn't even know what a "gay" was. I had a dancing partner when I was in high school; he was gay, danced his butt off and I didn't know. My mother and his sisters were friends. He was raised by his sisters. What a sharp dude he was. When we got older, I ran into him, but he was sick by that time. He's dead now. What was his illness?? You got it!!!

I never heard the word "gay" part my mother's lips. Times were innocent then. Cigarettes were dancing on TV screens. By the time the diseases became known, folks were dying from them, because we didn't know. Now people know, and they're still dying from AIDS and Lung Cancer. I'm lucky to be breathing myself. Benson and Hedges almost ended my life. Mucho thanks to the doctor that made me quit. Either live by ceasing or die from continuing. It was my choice and Thank God, I'm still here.

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RadioRaheem posted:


For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical

Safety concerns and a lack of access to menstruation products are among the issues trans and gender-nonconforming people face during "that time of the month."
Image: Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones poses in the GAY TIMES Honours 500 studio at Magazine London on Nov. 21, 2019 in London, England.Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images file
By Chloe Atkins

When transgender model and activist Kenny Ethan Jones experienced his first period, he faced both physical and psychological pain. Initially, Jones, who had not yet come out as trans at the time, felt like he was losing control and didn’t understand what was happening to his body. However, one thing was clear: He didn’t feel like himself.

“I didn’t believe that having periods would be a part of my lived experience,” Jones told NBC News. “I felt isolated; everything about periods was tailored to girls, yet me, a boy, was experiencing this and nothing in the world documented that.”

He currently experiences a wide range of challenges with his monthly bleeding, especially when it comes to getting his hands on menstrual hygiene products.

“Having a period already causes me a lot of [gender] dysphoria, but this dysphoria becomes heightened when I have to shop for a product that is labeled as ‘women’s health’ and in most cases, is pretty and pink,” Jones explained.

Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate, like Jones, say when the products are categorized as women’s products, they can feel alienated — and may even avoid purchasing them altogether.

“I’ve definitely seen a positive shift with the discussion around women experiencing periods, but the stigma towards trans men, nonbinary and intersex individuals having them is still alive and well,” said Jones, who gained attention in 2018 when he was the face of a U.K.-based menstruation company’s ad campaign. “People are still reluctant to the idea that it’s not only women that experience periods.”

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, founder of Period Equity, which advocates for affordable and accessible menstruation products, said, “Anyone who menstruates needs to be part of the discussion and decision-making about their own health and well-being.”

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The hurdles some trans men and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate say they face include the high cost of period supplies, lack of access to the products, safety concerns and inadequate medical care. Some of these challenges were recently brought to light when a story about menstruation product maker Always removing the female sign from its sanitary products went viral in October.

.  .  .



Where are we now in society, in "The Emperor Has No Clothes" Era?

Maybe I'm missing something but, didn't 'Kenny Jones' have a period, / expderience menustration before undergoing 'trans-gender' treatments, etc.?

So, what is the big deal?  What, did 'Kenny' think taking enough male hormones to grow facial hair would stop a woman's menstral cycle?

Hell, all facial [and chest] hair [without male hormone shots] on one of my autie's face, didn't stop hers.  

Mother nature is a realist.




And, what is "Always" trying to do, ERASE the WOMAN [again], like the patriarchy did in "religion"? 

What is "Always" going to put on their products to replace the female symbol, a symbol of a "holy ghost"?


"Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate, like Jones, say when the products are categorized as women’s products, they can feel alienated — and may even avoid purchasing them altogether."

I guess that former female/newly minted male is mad that CVS or Target doesn't have feminine hygiene products in the male supply aisle next to the shaving cream.  Long ago I stated that gay people will be hunting for inequality and looking for new ways to be offended.  I wonder if this thing will ever be happy.


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How do these dudes/dudettes know they don't have prostate problems? Hope they know how to clean their privates up so that they don't smell like moose. Real females were the only ones that had periods when I was a teenager. My, how the world has changed. It's not only the weather, it's the so-called "men" too.

Do sanitary napkins conceal your package when you vogue too?

RuPaul was the prettiest of all these trans people. No matter how hard one tries, he'll never be beaten as far as I'm concerned.

RadioRaheem posted:

"Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate, like Jones, say when the products are categorized as women’s products, they can feel alienated — and may even avoid purchasing them altogether."

I guess that former female/newly minted male is mad that CVS or Target doesn't have feminine hygiene products in the male supply aisle next to the shaving cream.  Long ago I stated that gay people will be hunting for inequality and looking for new ways to be offended.  I wonder if this thing will ever be happy.


All this is a prime example of them going too far.

Why the hell would a transgender person give a damn that the symbol for woman is on a product specifically created and designed for women.

It is getting more and more obvious that Women need to tell transgenders, to 'hold the fuck up'.

Women should not sit back and allow transgenders to have everything FEMALE or symbolic of FEMALE, erased from society.  

If transgenders have a problem with FEMALE symbols, etc., then they need to get busy designing, creating a transgender symbol, etc.  

Women and feminine/female symbology has already beem erased from history and society once by the Western patriarchy; women would be damn fools to allow it to be done again by Transgenders.

 I've always said high heel shoes and red lipstick don't make you a woman/female-DNA does.    But like some "hard headed" men, they always wanna do what is quite frankly impossible.  Just cuz their "man club"  says they are deemed  "female."  But none of them ask Mother Nature if it was okay to switch.   The answer from her is no cuz all this is?  Is nothing but the fall out from African slavery.  Starting with European slavers kidnapping ONLY African men and boys in the very beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade [an important  fact kept out of history).  And from that point, deliberately effeminizing  them through colonial sex/breeding farms, slave plantations and "churches ".  Then after slavery, former slavers partner with media outlets in a global effort to promote an inferior base campaign to continue emasculating/dehumanizing the black male image while forcibly effeminizing them in the prison system.   This is what these monsters did and continue to do to our men/boys.   And the consequences are the lost of the African male role in a family dynamic and the confusion in his gender sexual identification.  Like the old folks used to say...these confusions happened cuz them "chillens" were messed with[mentally and physically].  And I believe that.  I also believe it's the same with some females who transition into males.    Just my 2 cents. But!  

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@  Sista Sunnubian.

 I agree.  They are going too far.  It's like they are finally accepted in the gender "game" but wanna change the rules.  Now they have a little power, they wanna act a fool.  I say to her, "look you are the one who says you feel like a man but unfortunately Mother Nature disagrees.  And she trumps what you will be.  Regardless of what you look like on the outside-your insides are still designed  female."  This is why I say they should have THEIR own bathrooms equipped with all the things that make them comfortable in their wish gender.  Cuz until homeboy does something permanent about stopping his period-no matter how many times he shaves a week?  His perceived gender is merely wishful thinking.  Cuz why?  His monthly visitor says so. 

Plus as a woman I don't like the aggression and disrespect some transitioning women to men display.  As if being a woman is the worse thing to be.  I say to those confused gender folks  "clean up YOUR house by going to therapy, then come to REAL terms about why you prefer to be a man.   Don't "woman hate."  Cuz that's what some men do.  I know!  Be a grown up first while showing a little respect and gratitude for being alive.  Then maybe just maybe it wlll be possible to reach the next level of your goal.  And be appreciative you can transfer out.  Dont blame game.  If you want feminine pad companies to exclude using a female reference-accept the fact that may not happen.  Cuz feminine pads ARE for WOMEN.    And if you want feminine pads in male bathrooms-then do the work to put them there.  But don't hate or blame women for your displeasure of  being a biological female.  That's all on you.   Don't like it-you do something about it.  Cuz bottom line it's not up to someone else to make you happy or comfortable.  Again it's on you.  And you can start right now by simply being the grown up in your life."     But    

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Yes, while I am for LBGTQs not being discriminated against, acknowledge that humanity may not know EVERYTHING there is to know about human sexuality, and believe that some people ARE born Gay, I cannot in good conscience sit back and say nothing while transgenders attempt to 'erase' the WOMAN, the FEMALE, the FEMININE, and any or all of Feminine symbolism.

Transgenders are forgetting that it has been mostly WOMEN that have stood by them in their fight for equality, and social acceptance, and that it has been primarily been mothers [Women] that have accepted and continued to love their LBGTQ children regardless to what 'society' had to say, or/and under very trying circumstances.  

Transgenders cannot lose sight of the fact that natural born women are their own distinct gender, and have a right to exist as the distinct gender that they are.

Transgenders should not lose sight of natural born women's right for their gender to be expressed through the distinct symbolisms commonly [and uncommonly] known, many of which are thousands of years old and/or universal.

Transgenders have got to accept that the WOMAN, FEMALE, and FEMALE/FEMININE symbolism should not be erased, changed or tampered with by them or anyone else merely to appease or accommodate transgenderism or any other gender or group.


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As long as a man has a penis, no matter how big/how small, he can call himself whatever floats his boat. mother, sister, daughter, aunt, he'll always be a man,just don't be caught up with the strong, straight man because he could end up sending you to your grave. Some men make mistakes and they don't realize it until they feel the same genitalia that they have. Then it's your lights out!! is SEX worth that?? I'd choose to read a book and listen to some jazz.

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