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The Alliance of African/African American Peacemakers

A Call to Action ~ A Call for Unity

The Alliance of African/African American Peacemakers seeks to link people
of indigenous African descent who are working in any way for the peace,
freedom, justice, and prosperity of African peoples. Through this link we
expect to fulfill our mission to develop, disseminate and provide African
centered peacemaking models, strategies, and interventions to, for, and
with African people and communities around the world.

African communities around the globe are experiencing dramatic change and
profound challenges. Conflict and violence are often the result of this
social turbulence.

Although we are a diverse people, creating sustainable peace and
social/spiritual/economic prosperity in one African community is greatly
dependent upon creating the same for all African communities. As African
people we are connected through spiritual bonds that transcend time and
space. Our futures are, as was our history, inextricably intertwined. Our
strength and hope for the next millennium lies in our ability to work
together as Africans for our common good.

Research and Evaluation - AAAP seeks to sponsor and support research on and
evaluation of peacemaking and conflict resolution in African and African
American communities.

In Our Own Tradition: Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution in African
American Communities is a new AAAP program implemented in collaboration
with the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
(NCPCR). "In Our Own Tradition" attempts to make clear the peacemaking
traditions, practices and needs in African American communities through
conducting a series of strategically planned focus groups in the
Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix/Tucson, AZ, Chicago, IL, and
Oakland, CA areas.
The Gathering of African/African American Peacemakers (GAAAP) is a network
of peacemakers of indigenous African descent that sponsors events to
connect African American Peacemakers with peacemakers throughout the
African Diaspora to exchange information, develop relationships, share
expertise and existing resources and create new resources that will benefit
all African people.

GAAAP activities include GAAAP sponsored events, activities, and workshops
at the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution. (NCPCR)
The AAAP Newsletter, "Bridging the GAAAP" is published quarterly with the
following purposes: To encourage and provide a forum for scholarly writing
on Africentric peacemaking and dispute resolution. To recognize community
based peacemakers and lift up their successes. To acknowledge traditional
African peacemaking concepts and practices. To keep African/African
American peacemakers connected and informed.

The AAAP Clearing House will create, collect, and disseminate information
on African centered peacemaking and dispute resolution. The AAAP Directory
consists of profiles of African/African American Peacemakers highlighting
each person's expertise and contact information. The directory will be
used as a source for referring peacemaking professionals to organizations
and businesses in need of their services.

The AAAP Think Tank is designed to bring together peacemakers of indigenous
African descent to consider peacemaking from an African perspective. The
Think Tank will work together for at least two years to collect and
synergize the energy and ideas of hundreds of African peacemakers into an
effective workable cross cultural African agenda for peacemaking.

For More Information contact
Sharon Bailey
P.O. Box 34617
Philadelphia, PA 19101
215 - 729-3377
FAX 215 - 750-9237

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The 'think tank' aspect is a great opportunity. I hope someone here seizes the opportunity.


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