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I grew up being told that here in America we have what are called "Free Markets". That supposedly means that the economy is "free" from government intervention into the operations of business. Obviously, for business owners - this notion is meaningful in that what is implied is that "Free Markets" entail less government taxation and regulation. Less taxes, of course, allow business owners to make more money; less regulation, ostensibly, allows businesses "freer" reign to do things that can make them even more money. "Free Markets" are lauded almost as something that came down from the mountain with Moses as the veritable Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Have Free Markets!

Well, isn't it curious how the people in this country who seem to care most about "free markets" are the very one's now who are crying loudest for "stimulus packages"? They want the government - who the vast majority of the time they are doing their best to hide from - to step in now to, essentially, give money to taxpayers so they can give it back to them. In fact, in this political season, both Republican and Democratic candidates are falling all over themselves trying to proclaim whose stimulus package is the best.

If they really meant what they said, why is it now OK for the government to try to save them since they've screwed things up with their excesses and 'over-deregulation'? Maybe some companies should go out of business because of bad management. Maybe business needs to better understand the consequences of uncontrolled and voracious greed and 'capitalism without a conscience'. At the end of the day, is it the government's responsibility to prop up weak companies and save already rich people from losing some of their wealth because of their own stupidity? Isn't it curious how government is their friend these days? Roll Eyes

I guess government intervention ain't so bad after all, huh? Roll Eyes


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