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Former child soldier and award-winning journalist imprisoned for exposing human rights violations in the treatment of West African refugees, Chernoh Alpha Bah will address audiences across the U.S. as part of his North American tour during March and April.

The theme of Mr. Bah's tour is "Diamond wars, child soldiers and the worldwide movement for African liberation."

At twelve Mr. Bah, now 27, was forced into the Sierra Leone army as one of the infamous child soldiers. Along with thousands of other children Chernoh was made to fight in the deadly civil war that devastated the region in the 1990s. Although Sierra Leone is diamond and mineral rich, the majority of the population live on a dollar a day.

Before he was 20 Mr. Bah organized the Awareness Movement of Sierra Leone, edited The Point newspaper and was forced into exile in Guinea-Conakry where he became a political prisoner.

Today Mr. Bah heads up the Africanist Movement, which is based in eight countries in West Africa. The Africanist Movement is dedicated to the unification of Africa and justice for African people.

Mr. Bah is a journalist and editor of Critique News International Magazine, former editor of the Concord Times of Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is a columnist for The Democrat Newspaper and winner of the 2002 African Journalist of the Year award.

With passion and commitment Chernoh Alpha Bah speaks about the roots of Africa's crisis and the reality in Africa today. He presents his vision of a viable future for the millions of African people who live in dire poverty in their own homeland, the richest continent on earth.

Mr. Bah will speak at the following events.

MARCH 2006
Thursday, March 16
Uhuru House, St. Petersburg, FL

Tuesday, March 21
Studio 620, St. Petersburg, FL

Wednesday, March 22
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Saturday, March 25
Pearl of Africa, Philadelphia, PA

Sunday, March 26
First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Monday, March 27
Lincoln University, Lincoln University,

Wednesday, March 29
Manhattan Community College, NY, NY

APRIL 2006

Thursday, April 6
Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA

Sunday, April 9
Reception and Benefit, San Francisco, CA

Monday, April 10
Modern Times Books, San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, April 11
Uhuru House, Oakland, CA

Thursday, April 13
University of Denver, Denver, CO

Monday, April 17
New College, Sarasota, FL

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