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would you vote YES or NO on a luxury tax that added $0.10 to every purchase of an item you had a choice in buying or not--let's say a latte.

the "coffee houses" who collect this additional $0.10 per cup tax are on an "honor" system for turning that money in to the county.

the money raised would fund preschool and day-care programs as well as pay raises for child-care providers.

the tax would not apply to regular coffee and small businesses with gross receipts of less than $50,000 a year.

Arguments for:
Proponents say the tax is modest, applies to a "luxury" item, and will pay for valuable programs that in the long run will produce children who do better in school.

Arguments against:
Opponents say the tax is unfair and that espresso has no logical link with child care. Businesses argue the tax would hurt the economy and might be difficult to administer.

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Nykkii, here in New York, the proceeds from the Lotto were supposed to be used for this purpose, in addition to the costly school taxes in some areas. Yet there are still school budget deficits. Not only since the attacks on NYC 2 years ago, but way before this happened. So no I do not agree with this new luxury tax anywhere in the country.

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I voted no but not because I don't trust where the money will go. I just think that everyone should pay the extra $.10. It's everyone's responsibility and, it's only a dime. I understand that we don't want to increase taxes on the poor- we shouldn't if it is a significant amount. However in this case, a dime is something that everyone should be able to afford.

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