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Norland posted:

It works for Billy Porter. I have to bow out of what I think of this stuff. I'm too old school for this. I get great love from my gay grandchildren. I accept their love and keep my damn mouth closed. They have to live their lives just as I had to live mine. I'm not trying to lose them. I love them unconditionally.

Who the hell is this Billy Porter, anyway? 

He was on Broadway, blah, blah, blah  .  .  .   and?

Don't try to figure this crazy white woman out. Where's the mother of these children. Where's their families?

White people need slaves. That' what they're raising. As far as sex goes, they don't know what that's supposed to do. They're short changed in the sex department. They'll be fucking the kids as soon as they're old enough. White people are royally fucked up in their heads. Feel sorry for the kids relatives. 

Two pretty/handsome boys who will probably end up in the criminal justice system with some white bitch who knows NOTHING about raising BLACK children. Blame their families.

When they get bigger and go against the grain, how many times will the word "Nigger" pass her lips.

Adopt your fucked up WHITE kids. Right now, you just look RETARDED.

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