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First, let me say that this is not to promote one political philosophy over another, only an honest comment in regards to an interesting blog entry. And I'm honestly not being sracastic.

I was browsing through some blogs today, and one Black conservative remarked that he felt as if he lived in No-Man's land: not truly accepted by whites, but politically too "white" to be accepted by Blacks. This came of the tails of me perusing some Black nationalist websites that called for the development of a new African nation for North American and European Blacks. Why don't the Black conservatives pick their most intelligent, hard-working, dedicated members, raise some money, and lease some land somewhere in Africa? It could start small, like a village, so that it would be easily sustainable. You could raise your children in a Jewish-like Kibbutz, which studies have shown to increase learning, IQ, and emotional stability. You can make your own rules and select your members carefully, so as to not have any friction from difference in philosophy or leadership struggles. You could work your village from the ground up, helping the native Africans in he process. Your success would prove to Blacks that you can indeed raise yourself up rom your boot straps with almost nothing and be successful, which would inspire more people, which would help you gain prominence. Heck, after a while you just might make your own prosperous country as an example to the world and the rest of us. Why has this not been done, yet? I mean, I personally know a few well-off Blacks who own very nive houses in western Africa and bought it for beans. Surely a group of capable and adventurous selected families and individuals can get their own village up and going in no time. If I had the money I just might something similar.
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Uppity, I suspect that this would never work because too many black conservatives need white folks too much.

The funny thing is I think I share some black conservative sentiments. Black conservatives are rebels. I admire that. I sincerely believe that black conservatives begin by instinctively rebelling against the perceived black status quo. And to an extent, I agree with that instinct. But where they go wrong is instead of rebelling, doing some REAL work, doing some real THINKING, and coming up with a REALLY original approach which would be useful to the black collective they settle on the first point of view available which happens to contradict the black status quo: the white man's perspective.

Very few of them would have the courage, the vision, or CONVICTION to do what Uppity Negress suggests. Black Conservatives are - according to my definition - unoriginal (perhaps even lazy) rebels. And the worst among them hate themselves and require approval from whites. Their most basic impulses wouldn't thrive in an African kibbutz. Because they NEED to "succeed" in the white world and on the white man's terms.

Just an early morning speculation. Big Grin
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One indication of the "laziness" I alluded to is the tendency - seen in Constructive Feedback for example - to EVEN copy white conservative rhetoric. That's unintelligent rebellion: "I don't want to be a Democrat. So I guess I'll be a Republican."

I can see maybe coming up with policy stances that coincide with a white conservative point of view. But for God's sake, * make it your own! *

Is it really necessary to worship Ronald Reagan and watch Fox News too?

If they're too lazy to form their own party, then certainly they're too lazy to start their own country.
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You know what comes to mind when I think of Black Neocons? STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in a hostage, in which the hostage exhibits seeming loyalty to the hostage-taker, in spite of the danger (or at least risk) the hostage has been put in.

Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as battered woman syndrome and child abuse cases.

Black Neocons can quite easily and clearly see that the White Man has/is raping our people (in more ways than just physically). They see the power that the White Establishment has over our people, and they internally conclude that they are inferior. They then conclude that the best way to get out of the situation is not to fight against the System, instead, they seek to placate the demiurgi controlling the system by appeasement.

They know good and well that the White Establishment is about Power, Dominance, Conquest, Material Affluence and Subjection. They psychologically conclude that this system is undefeatable, and instead of wanting to change it, or be liberated from it, they empathyze with the victimizer and wish to get in on the rapefest.

The reason they hate Black Leftists/Liberals/Progressives/Moderates so much is that they see us as a threat to their assimilation. They know that being Black, White people judge Black people collectively instead of as individuals like they do with White people. They rail against Black non-Conservatives because they fear we could threaten their chances of successful assimilation. They know that being Black, the White man will automatically associate them with "us". They go out of their way to ensure the White Establishment that they aren't with "those rabble-rausers/troublemakers".

Black Neocons reminds me of Uncle Ruckus from "The Boondocks" cartoon.

"Don't trust 'dem new niggahs over 'dere. Leavin' 'dey nigguh essence in 'de air. Nose so wide it'll make you wonduh'. Don't trust 'dem new niggahs over 'dere!!"
I've heard that theory before, EP, and no doubt some Black neocons do fall into that category. However, I do try to give people te benefit of the doubt. It's unlikely that all or even most of them actually believe their are inferior, even subconsciously, I think. Honestly, I see no reason why a Black neocon wouldn't jump on the chance to create a self-sufficient kibbutz in Africa. It gives them the chance to put all of their rhetoric into action, which would serve as the biggest STFU to all their detractors and increase their membership. I know a certain Black neocon here who insists that it is the Black "communists" (or something like that) who can't live without whitey and that the Black neocons are the real Black revolutionaries b/c they advocate self-sufficiency and hard work. I can see valid points on both sides, and I'm not here to judge in this thread anyways. But in all seriousness, if they were to be successful, wouldn't that just prove that they were correct all along, and shut up their decriers? I don't know about educational levels of Black neocons versus Blacks in general (in the USA), but I've come across enough information that suggests that they on average are better off financially. Therefore, actually getting the money and investment to do such a thing wouldn't seem that hard. For example, here is a 1 hectacre travel lodge in Malawi capable of housing 62 people. It's selling for 850,000US.

Even if they wouldn't be able to go themselves, why not raise the money to purchase such an insular place, send in some young recent college grads and a supervisor, and get to work! I'd even volunteer my time if it they actuall had a well-thought out plan with feasible long term goals.

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