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Flint broke its previous homicide total this week....surpasing the 62 murders recorded in 1986(during the crack street wars and with about 40 thousand more residents than today). The city now stands at 64 homicides...and the police force just laid off 20 more officers.

Unfortunately I think this is a trend that you are going to see more of in America as states and local municipalities start to go broke and have to layoff police, fireman, sanitation and the like. Its amazing that crime has been down during this economic downturn, given the correlation between poverty and crime. However, as the crack epidemic did homicides and not even an increase in  unemployment and poverty could offset the decline in drug related violence.

On the flip side....Detroits homicides might come in at under 300 for the first time in 40 years.

Its so bad that the city is playing games to keep from adding to the homicide count.

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Flint, as long as I can remember, has been a very rough town. Its the birthplace of General Motors and there used to be a lot of mafia and union gangsterism there with strikes and what not. Its not a gang city. Most people associate bad cities with cities that have a lot of gang violence. Michigan cities, for some reason, don't really have a lot of gang violence, with the exception of Saginaw. What Michigan has is drug dealers and drug orginizations that spread all across the the Black Mafia Family. Drug dealing is the largest employer of black men in Michigan. I live in Minneapolis now...and crews come here from Detroit, teenagers, in waves, selling drugs. They stay for about two weeks and are rotated to other cities. That way local police cannot get familiar with who they are and they are young enough to escape big sentences if caught. When someone needs to be expired...they send in shooters from out of town. Its a highly sophisticated operation. The economy has gotten so bad that more people are trying to hustle with less people to be hustled because fewer people got money to be hustled out of....and all the compitition and frustration just increases the violence.

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