Today, hip-hop and r&b influence each other so much, that sometimes the distinctions are blurred in the music popular today. I've been curious what the first song was that could be described that same way. There was a time when hip-hop was hip-hop and r&b was r&b. In light of MLK Day, here's a possible contender:
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I thought King Tim III by the Fatback band was the first one?

This is what I've always thought, too.

I don't think I've ever heard it, though.

Well, then here ya go!

But King Tim III was the first rap song ever, though. Rap as an established genre of music hadn't been established yet. So Fagunwa is probably right, this is really a soul or funk track that features a rapper as the lead vocalist.

But after hip hop/rap became established as a form of music in its own right, what was the first song that fused it with r&b? "Double Dutch Bus"? What about "Unity" by Afrika Bamabaataa & James Brown? Or "Sex Machine" by the Fat Boys & James Brown? Of these, I think the King Holiday song was the truest fusion of pure r&b with hip-hop.

Fagunwa, thanks for inspiring me to go dig up that Fatback Band joint... cabbage
The First??? Man... that's a TOUGH one!!!

In the early days of Hip Hop, before drum machines/samplers, hip hop was a DJ playing the break of an R&B record over and over with a guy rappin'... So, in reality, hip hop and R&B have always been joined at the hip(hop)...

My vote could go to one of many songs/artists...

Rapper's Delight - Sugahill Gang (music: "Good Times" - Chic)
Freedom - Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five (music: "7th Wonder" - Freedom (I think?))
Holy Ghost - The Barkays
Rapper Dapper Snapper - Edwin Birdsong
More Bounce to the Ounce - Zapp
Hunger for Love - Hanson & Davis (prod by Mantronik)
All & All - Joyce Sims (prod by Mantronik)
The Master Rocker - Bernard Wright
Jamaica Funk - Tom Browne

I guess it really depends on how you define what you mean the two genres being fused together...
Leave it to my man AG to bring it home! appl bow

As for that King Holiday song, the video quality on the youtube cut is terrible, but isn't that Jam-Master Jay with DMC? It's Run's vocals, but I guess he couldn't make it to the video shoot. And yeah, I had also forgotten Menudo was in it.

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