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Hello to all. I am excited about being a part of this group. The topics always seem to be thought provoking.

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Hello, everyone,

I've visited this site for awhile and have generally been impressed with the diversity of thought/opinion, as well as the depth, range and quality of some of the topics discussed. So I thought I'd join and hopefuly make a positive contribution.

wel to you both! See you around the board. tfro
Hey y'all, I've been looking for a site like this one... I am truly digging the versatility of the forums and how profound a lot of the posts are. I am a 29 yr old mother of 2, active duty military, and full time student. I have a busy schedule and I don't socialize with adults as often as I'd like to outside of work and school... so hopefully I've found a home in AA.org. I look forward to chatting... I am pretty new to this, but from what I've read; you all are a trip! appl Yay
Good evening, fellow soldiers. They call me "General". I'm a strong leader, stand upright, proud and will give my life for the cause i fight for. Every waking moment i carry myself with black pride, dignityand respect. I will fight with my people, for my people. I'll be the first to take a blow and the last to give. God fearing, southern raised Negro (That is what appear on my birth record). So, yes i'm a old soldier that earned my rank the hard way. This is not a joke by no means. I just wanted to introduce myself alittle. I'm here to serve God and service man. Much respect and God bless. Peace to the believers. KEEP THE TERRORIST (THUGS, DOPE DEALERS, MURDERS, MOLESTERS AND ETC.) OUT OF YOUR COMMUNITIES. BE A MAN, STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. THE GOVERNMENT IS TOO DAMN BUSY TO HELP US. WE MUST HELP OURSELVES. WE MIGHT BE ALL THE SAME RACE. BUT, BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK. DON'T MEAN YOU ARE ON OUR SIDE. THEY ARE TRYING TO ERASE US FROM WITHIN. Now, you thinking this guy is looney. Call me what you want. But, don't let History repeat itself. Many of so called great nations and civilizations has fallen from betrayal within. Do your research. I'm out.
I just found out about this online community today, and immediatly I found interesting topics and pleasing responses!! Communities such as this brings hope to individuals, especially if they were feeling alone. Im am truly joyful to be apart of the family. Hotep, and All praises do, to the Almighty! thanks
My first memory came when I was in elementary school and some of the boys on the schoolyard called me "La Brea Tarpits" (a local California attraction).

The first (and last) time I got called a n!gger (to my face) is when I was in college. I was driving along in a grocery store parking lot. Apparently this "man" wanted to cross in front of a moving car. I could not read his mind, so as I passed by with my windows down, he called me a n!gger. Thankfully I was mature enough for this not to affect me emotionally. I told him "Thank You" (with a smirk on my face) and kept on driving while he was looking like he was going to blow his top off. lol

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