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Studies have shown that African-American women are at three to five times greater risk for fibroids.
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I went to a doctor about three years ago and was told that i have several of them but they were really small and he didn't feel any further action needed to be taken to get rid/treat them besides putting me on birth control to stop my irradic periods and pain. I went to a doctor in june of this year and they said they didn't see any Confused but i did have several cysts that didn't appear to be fibroids but something different. I asked about having fertility problems and in both cases they assured me that i "shouldn't" have any problems, but i worry about it. When my insurance is reinstated i am going to get another opinion some where else. My best friend had a rather large fibroid removed recently on one of her ovaries (doctor said it was about the size of a grapefruit)and before her operation they told her they may have to remove the ovary but during surgery they were able to work around it without removing it. I worry about it because there was a time when i was in a relationship for five years and wasn't able to get pregnant-we didn't use birth control or any other form of protection but nothing ever took, i never had a baby. I know logically that it may take more than five years to have a baby so that doesn't necessary mean that i can't but it lingers in the back of my mind and when i see other women's stories like this woman it makes me think it even more Frown
They scare the hell out of me.

There is only one White women that I know about who had to have a fibroid removed, but I swear they attack the Black women I know in spurts.

There are three who were just diagnosed.

And it always happens in groups like that.

It's kind of sad because one always said that she never wanted any kids. Now that the doc has found a huge one on her uterus, she seems upset about the possiblity of not having children.
My grandfather died from a combination of prostate and colorectal cancer. Since then, my mother and two sisters have gone in for the colonoscopy. All of them have had fibroids removed.

I go for my own colonoscopy in the next couple of weeks.

I read on that Life Extension site, that for colon-rectal cancer, the father can pass the gene to his son OR daughter, and the daughter passes it to the son. But my sisters had to have fibroids removed so I'm wondering. We'll see what my own test results render.
My mother had them. I have them... They don't bother me, but before I was diagnosed my monthly was unbearable. I got put on birth control which helped out tremendously. I was told that as long as they don't bother me I shouldn't bother them unless I'm ready to have children.

I do worry about the fertility factor, but since I'm single at this time and am undecided about having children I guess it's not a great concern to me right now. I hope if I DO decide to have children it won't be a problem, but I guess I'll just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

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