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Feminizing Black Men: An Assault on Black Manhood

Dr. Wesley Muhammad delivers important message.

“Weaponizing the weed has been one of the most successful assaults against the Black male when it comes to feminization; even more successful than the use of Depo-Provera and the promotion of homosexuality,” Dr. Muhammad said. “Black people are religious with our weed smoking, and Black men in particular are dogmatic pot heads. But it’s a fact that chronic use of marijuana has a subtle feminizing quality to it.”



In his lecture at Mosque Maryam, Dr. Muhammad also exposed how alcohol companies target Black youth using ads and promotions at a much higher rate than White youth. Marijuana is second only to alcohol as the drug most commonly used by Black youth, and heavy drinking inhibits testosterone production, he warned.

“The ’hood suffers from estrogen dominance,” said Dr. Muhammad. “That’s why there’s so much, not just homosexuality, but that mild feminization that is really disastrous for us.”

He linked excessive mood swings in men, who can’t seem to get their emotions under control, and easily resort to gun violence to elevated levels of estrogen in predominantly Black communities.

Even food has been weaponized against Blacks, said Dr. Muhammad.



Scientists found that feeding lab rats a tryptophan-free diet, induced homosexual behavior. Tryptophan is an amino acid that produces serotonin, a naturally occurring chemical in the body that regulates mood. Lowering serotonin can decrease sexual inhibition which can result in hypersexuality and morph into homosexuality, said Dr. Muhammad.


He suggested food sold and served throughout the Black community, if studied, would likely be found to be free of tryptophan. He gave an anecdote of someone who worked at a food distributor as a loader. Boxes of food were shipped to different areas by zip code, and if a box intended for one zip code accidentally made its way onto a truck destined for another zip code, it could have serious repercussions for the person who made that error.

“Just as the water that services, not just Flint [Michigan], but every Black area, is contaminated with estrogen and other feminizing chemicals, I promise you, the food that we get from our Whole Foods, the food that is made available to us by our enemy, I promise you, is tryptophan-free,” he said. “So not only do we have a testosterone shortage in the Black community, we also have a serotonin shortage in the Black community.”

“When you look at the different levers being pulled and mechanisms being used to carry out this subtle, yet highly destructive approach to destroying Black people, I look at it as a soft form of genocide—indirect, but immensely effective,” added Dr. Wallace. “As Black men and their image becomes more feminized, the less effective they are in becoming the leaders we need them to be because there’s a certain amount of masculinity that is absolutely necessary to protect and guide the Black community.”

Dr. Wallace also praised the Nation of Islam for tirelessly working to reawaken Black people and open their eyes to the war being waged against them.

“Malcolm X was my hero,” he said. “The Nation of Islam, to me, is the only true representation of organization, advancement and unity in the Black community, and the only one actively promoting the capacity to express oneself, protect oneself and be heard as Black people.”

Dr. Wesley Muhammad, through his intensive study and published books on the subject, as well as his travels across the country working to educate Black people on what is being done to them without their knowledge, perfectly encapsulates and sums up this nefarious, yet effective conspiracy to feminize Black men and masculinize Black women, this way:

“The White man,” he said, “is indeed the devil.”

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"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  What?  Now you gonna BLAME it on weed? Ridiculous!  Feminizing Black men has nothing to do with smoking weed.  Hell what Black males go through in this country, they need a JOINT!  What feminized Black males, in my opinion, is the breeding farms, sex plantations and buck villas where white slavers raped our men and boys during slavery, throughout Jim Crow and the beginning of mass incarcerations.  Also in South Africa, separating the men from their families when they were forced to not only  work on massa's farm but lived there too.  Even the mothers had to live in with white families-leaving the children to fend for themselves.  So let's not get this shyte twisted....weed have absolutely nothing to do with why Black men are the way they are-supposedly.  They once lived in a thriving Africa as true men with their own clear interpretation of real manhood.  White slaver invaded their land and kidnapped them with BIG guns and cannons.  They brutally raped them over and over again until they broke their spirit [like they used to break horses] right in front of their sons.  But the weapon of the penis is what European and Asian conquerors have always used to win wars.  The method is ancient.  So for me?  I reject this analogy.   It's another way to stereotype Black males.  Massa is the biggest meth head/drug addict.  But!  

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I don't think he's talking about Natural, Organic Marijuana; he's talking about all this 'government-issue' [for lack of a better description] marijuana that is really what has been on the streets for at least the last decade.

There is something wrong with most weed young people are smoking today.  It does not even smell like natural marijuana, and unlike natural organic marijuana, it is addictive.

They have did something to it and put on the streets for sale in predominately Black communities, and whatever they did to it has to have be some type of synthetic, man-made chemicals and genetic modification, which in turn has negative affects on those smoking it [especially a lot of it], which [IMO] appears to be poor impulse control, mood swings, addiction, and who knows what else.

I mean, those out there still smoking marijuana, better KNOW that it is truly natural, non-GMO, organic marijuana and exactly WHERE it is coming from, otherwise, should stop smoking it.

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I hear ya  my sista.   But I mean I heard about "spice" that synthetic weed on the streets.  It is dangerous to smoke but many do because it is cheap.  A lot of homeless people downtown LA was going to the hospital because of it.  And I understand the addiction, mood-swings, poor impulse control etc.  But what the hell does being "feminized" in smoking this stuff have to do with Black males/men?  I don't like it when other cultures try to "man 'plain" Black men like they are on a petri dish.  Truth is Black men[and we all know this] were OVERSEXUALIZED to break their spirit when massa kidnapped them and threw in the sex/breeding farms etc.  And when mass media and KKK together created stereotyped caricatures to dehumanize and classify Black males as brutes, lazy, shiftless, inferior etc.-giving these fake labels to further traumized them, the goal was to marginalized them-to keep them outta "white space."  Cuz smoking weed generally alter personality.  Unless it is laced with something unnatural.  But the problems our Black men have is a massa problem- a police problem-aq societal problem.  Not a weed problem.  Yes there are a lot of people in general who do not use common sense when smoking something they KNOW isn't good for them.  But they do it anyway.  Talk about them!  Cuz for me?  I am insulted that other cultures of men can come and spread their racist ideology on what they THINK our Black men problems are [also this is same culture of men who demoralize their own women through their patriarchal beliefs].  So they can't just come up with ridiculous analogies to raise a point [that maybe Black men are weaker and weaker means being feminized].  Again I reject that.      

And if they really wanted to know the truth about Black men all they have do is look at slavery [on both sides: altantic and arab] and the hell racist America has put them through.  No need to go to a lab to figure this out.  It's been clear for 528 years what is going WRONG with our men.   But! Just my opinion is all.  BTW:  Being feminized is not a bad thang.  It brings life in the world.  And some of us women do have mood swings cuz of you know what-that's natural.   And  Black men have a right to determine their OWN interpretation on manhood not borrow it from "men" who don't really understand African culture in the first place.  Cuz when you look at other [patriarch] cultures, it is the WOMEN who are being defined by these "men" and thrown under the bus.   Plus they used to call us savages, subhuman and we know that wasn't true.  So.  And if a Black man would make that kinda public announcement about what he thinks another man outside his culture terms of masculinity?  Heads would roll.  Just sayin    

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"Unless it is laced with something unnatural. "




This article is from the N.O.I.  I don't think it would be/is the intention of the N.O.I. to write false information about the feminization of Black men.

Truth is that there is plenty of man-made toxins/chemicals in our lakes, streams, rivers, creeks /entire water supply, and in 95% of the food that is grown, preserved and processed in America [and now around the world], that reek havoc on humans biologically.  

The harm to the human biological system is anything from lowered immune systems and chronic illness, to hormone disruption, and even changes in human DNA.

Now, if there is a certain or large amount of marijuana that has been "treated" with certain biologically altering chemicals and is being deliberated put on the streets to be funneled to young Black males .  .  .

Personally, [maybe it's just where I live, but] from what I see, it does appear to be waaaaaay too many/an abnormally high number, of young Black males that are Gay.


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  I hear ya my sista.  And I used to be a muslim and I still don't agree with the feminization part this doctor is talking about.  Yes, it is a great possibility that street marijuana is laced with mind-altering behavior induced chemicals but to say it causes Black men to be feminized?  Maybe it causes them to be a little cra cra.  Remember Sherm and PCP?  I get that.  However, having sex with men in prisons/jails/juvenile detention centers, participating in the underground "rap" scene and being on the downlow [along with a million other social tragedies] are the reasons causing more young Black men than EVER to bend over and crack a smile.  It's almost generational and a trend.  And some have said that  "homosexualizing' Black males was intentional to curb population in the Black community-that was years ago.  Plus today in Cali more young Black men are using meth-which is the drug of the year for white homosexuals.  But having SEX with men is NOT a feminine behavior. [Historically European and Asian men been having been having sex with men for centuries[Greeks/Romans/Ming Dynasty/Barbary and Viking Pirates...and they didn't consider the act "feminine"]. 

And yes there are some women [part of their culture] who do have sex that unnatural way but not all women unless it was introduced to them.  So don't attach that behavior to my gender.  That's what's pissing me off.  Why call it feminine ?  Use another definition that doesn't throw my womanhood under the bus.  My question:  Why does so-called manly men always have to use something a woman does or does not do to determine if it is feminine or not?  Could be just human.    Plus we know the clandestine lifestyle of a lot of men who have sex with men [some dress in women's clothes] and are married to women.  Are they smoking the same thang?  And hey those Arabs have secrets too in terms of how they treated African male slaves.   If feminization was ever to happen?  Truth be told North Africa is where "feminization" of Black males began.  Cuz Slavers had total control over the Black male penis.  The Arabs chopped it off turning him into an eunuch to guard the harem and massa used it to make him more slaves.  And even today Black males still don't have control over their Blackness/manliness.  And I guess that's why I don't like this narrative.  Don't put a jacket on us-just cuz we are the same color.  Tell the real truth.  Black males and boys have been preyed upon since slavery.     And I know Black men are eager to accept other cultures philosophy as their own[only cuz they are struggling to find their authentic  African manhood]  but for me I reject anything a former slaver say about my Blackness....just as I reject what Christians [European slaver] say about my matter what it is.  It's like be better men to the women in your religion...…. first before attempting to classify why someone outside your belief system behave the way they do.  Im so through with folks talking about Black folks [even if they are Black] as if we were/are chattel or some mysterious being and can't speak for ourselves, especially our men.   What in the hell is a feminizing quality?  Like that's a bad thang.  And why do the doctor feel femininity is "disastrous" for Black males when in fact all people i.e. male and female are born from a woman i.e. a feminine force.  Women don't have a history of destruction.  Men do.  So Im offended.

 So.  Just like that young fellow sings "I just wanna live. me."  I don't know if it's feminine or not but as a mother I did want to protect my son.  And still in a sense trying to protect other young Black males...maybe this is what my commentary is really about.....protecting them or protecting them from what I feel is  an abstraction to their real "man" problems i.e. not having a father around, poverty,  endless incarceration, uneducated, homelessness, police stalking/brutality, gangs etc.  So maybe my commentary is about protecting young Black males from what I see is propaganda-cuz drugs been in the hood since the eradication of slavery.  And it destroyed many Black families back then. And that was when the Black male imagery was distorted as him being [a shiftless lazy inferior thug, rapists, brut] controlled by heroin, opium etc.    So.  In that sense, what he says now is not new.  Just a repeat on a different "drug." But we've always been poisoned through illegal drugs and govt. drugs designed to kill us or sterilize us.  So let's focus on the real drug destroying the Black community in these current times:  racism.  Let's discuss that doctor.  But!  Just my opinion is all.  Im so happy to debate with you my sista.  Been a long time. Bring back good memories when we all had different takes/perspectives on the same thing and was passionate about it...until the next topic.  Wonderful times.   I miss those days.   But!   

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ok.  Im at it again.  Yes I'm missing class debates.  And this article is interesting and has my brain constantly thinking about several important points outlined in it. For example:  the doctor indicated that serotonin  decreases sexual inhibitions that can led to homosexuality in men.  I understand that he is suggesting that having little sleep can cause sexual borders or restrictions,[ the desire to hold back], to be lowered and lustful gratification becomes the physical focus-which if done often [i.e. becoming hyper active in participating in it] can led to being gay.   But there's something else that can led to the same behavior which is... being oversexualized by massa to the point it strips Black male identity.  It is no secret that the slavers took the African men and boys first!  [Both Atlantic and Arab Slave Trades] It is no secret that they raped African men in front of their sons to further psychologically humiliate them and break their spirits.  That's where the term breaking the buck comes from [this happened only cuz African males had no guns] But if you look up the word oversexualized in the dictionary, you won't find it.  Yes you would find hypersexuality.  And if you break the spirt of the buck constantly as one would do a horse, you will see the so-called hypersexual tendency develop.  Either the target buck will submit to it or rebel against it.  Remember massa built sex farms and  breeding plantations all over the south and had a few in the Americas for the purpose of distribution and trade.  He became an expert in this field as is why he knows so much about the Black male's anatomy and temperament.  The movie Sweet Sweet Sweetback by Melvin Van Pebbles tells the story of this horrific practice against Black males very mildly-but it's right there if you look for it.

I do understand that the doctor is indicating that food or in this case marijuana can alter the sexuality of Black males by interfering with the nervous system transmitter but what I'm saying is... the main culprit  i.e. the African slave master has historically oversexualized i.e. hypersexualized Black males since slavery. He not only used this practice as a tool, he also used it as a weapon.  This is what Black America do not want to talk about.  This is the real horror haunting Black males-cuz now they are being openly preyed upon-this time younger.  Hypersexuality derives from over participating in sexual behavior with little or no sleep.  That's what they did to our African males....they were constantly breeding them[creating designer slaves]......sexually assaulting them[to keep them controlled]....making grown men wear mid-length gowns instead of trouser pants on plantations/farms-for easy access.   This is one of the many horrific  things that happened to Black males that caused them to turn to homosexuality-it was forced upon them in my opinion.  And cuz this behavior is promoted by massa, it is past down today in male oriented facilities like prisons, jails- any place that detains/contains Black males.  That's why it's a term called Black male containment.  As why they say in prison:  what happens in prison stays in prison.  And this can answer why when some Black males are released from prison after having a long stay incarcerated, they have difficult adjusting to the outside life of freedom.  Many don't make it and return to prison.   Just sayin.  But!        

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I understand that Black boys and men were sexually abused by slavers during slavery, but I'm not sure that it was in high enough percentages to account for today’s level of homosexuality in Black males. 

First, the slaver had to be gay or bisexual to begin with, and I doubt that homosexuality, or “buck breaking” [percentage-wise] was rampant from plantation to plantation or business to business or coal mine to coal mine, etc., etc. 

It's still my belief that most of the homosexuality seen today is 'manufactured' more than it is natural born. 

The human food supply is so contaminated with man-made chemicals/toxins that reek havoc on human biology, resulting in anything from weakened immune systems, to chronic illnesses, to hormone disruption and even DNA destruction. 

Even this N.O.I. doctor's theories, [IMO] are only believable [to me] based on the fact that there are man-made chemicals/toxins in the marijuana that is being put on the streets, and/or much or most of that is from GMO marijuana in the first place.

All of his psychological theories regarding sexual frequency or lack of leading to homosexuality is a big stretch because I doubt that a truly heterosexual person can be 'led' into homosexuality by either.  I would say, the person had to be homosexual or at least bi-sexual to begin with.

It's just my belief that much/most of the homosexuality seen today, is chemically induced via GMO, chemicals and toxins now in the human diet. And, just like with Autism [EPIDEMIC], before corporations will give up the profits being made poisoning the human food and water supply, [and Vaccines] they will promote ALL homosexuality as merely natural born or at least, hide/deny the effects of chemicals and toxins in the human food and water supply that they are responsible for.

We really still don't know what the effect of decades of consuming birth control pills has had on offspring. 

For example, the are examples of women that have worked in plants/companies that use certain chemicals/toxins, whose offspring are born deformed or with mental disabilities. 

If a woman merely inhaling certain chemicals/toxins before ever becoming pregnant, can make her offspring be born with deformities or mental disabilities, it would stand to reason that it is possible for women to consume certain chemicals/toxins in their diet or use of birth control pills, for instance, that cause changes to be made to their offspring's bio-chemistry, like hormone disruption, changes, and malfunctions.

Psychologically, it is also quite possible that too little male influence in the lives of many males, especially during their formative years, causes them to think like females, even though sexually, they are not homosexual.  In other words, [or in the words of Judge Joe Brown],  cause them to be "male lesbians".

This, I think, is seen in how there are so many males out there that view women [psychologically] the same way a woman views another woman.  These are often the males that are quick to hit or beat up another woman, are cowards unless they have a weapon[gun], are cowards unless they are in a 'pack' [gang, coward cops, etc.].

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 Yes Sista Sunnubian you are correct.  There are a lot of factors to cause homosexuality in Black males.  But for me?  All I know is what I hear from prison folks of today and what I know what happened in the history of this country.  My main point is this is NOT new.  And the doctor is talking about this as if it just happened.  And they have been raping our men....and still are.  So that's why discussions like this are necessary.  And upfront.  And not hidden in the basement or behind closed cells.....cuz this is happening to our men....everyday!  Thanks for the engagement.  I really appreciate it.  And looking forward to the next topic as it pertains to our Black men.  But!

There are a heap of confused puppies such as he. I look at the so-called 'superior race" on my TV and say "Where the fuck is the superiority?" They have no lips, just like monkeys; wrinkles everywhere; Hair growing out the tops of their heads; women all made up like clowns; Our women too.

Where are the people anywhere in this joint that can just be themselves. I guess if they don't wear makeup, they won't show up on TV. All you'll see is eyeballs, nostrils and slit lips.

Orange Asshole wants to go on Mt. Rushmore. Natives say "nothing doing!" Why is it these fuckers don't want to go back to those damn caves from which they originated?? Put all your red-neck statues there!! The home of your TRUE ORIGINATION.  Check yourselves back there too. 

Where are all the REAL PEOPLE living?? I'm tired of looking at these fake dummies.

You're superior in your dreams; otherwise your just fucking horrific phonies.

@sista Norland   I hear ya my sista!  This country IS about being fake and delusional.   Massa has no culture.  He takes everyone else's culture and PRETEND it's his own.  And cuz he created a Black women who use make up and don't need it....or Black men who tries to emulate really IS hard to watch.  And if someone would have told me I'd be going through this?  A raging pandemic, cra cra prez and  civil unrest throughout the country and world over a Black man dying by the hands of the police?  I would NEVER believe it.   But!  Here we are.  But!   

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Please!! Black men have always died at the hands of White men. They either fucked them to death, hung them from the Popular trees. sicced the dogs on them, beat them senseless; when White men let up, Black men took over. We're living through this today. That slavery's over is a figment of some asshole's imagination. Nothing's much different than when Whitie "owned" Africans.

When you do something "wrong", who comes to get you?? Black men or White men?? Who throws your black behind in cages, White men or Black men?? Who threw that Pygmy in the Bronze Zoo in 1900??? Ote Benga? White men or Black men?? Who chokes Black men with theiri knees; White men or Black men??

Some African woman was thrown into a zoo for entertainment because she had a big butt. She was fodder for them to get their sadistic laugh on.

White men had their way with Africans ever since they came upon these shores. What happened to all the children created by these monsters?? Are they US??? That means they HATE their relatives?? All of us carry their DNA. Ancestry,.com will verify that. From the darkest to the lightest, straight hair to hair of wool!! We're related to these assholes.

America's a country of some sick psychos. They want to know when we're going to go back to Africa!! I want to know when they're going to go back to their caves with their dogs. Their original loves!! The sooner the better.

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