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i just need a little clarification, and i'd like a place to talk about how the story is going.

is this story suppose to make sense? or just go in any random direction with every post?

there have been a few conflicting additions to previous posts...

is it necessary to read the whole story before adding your post, or all of the posts that have been added since your last post, or just the last post posted?

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I participated in story on another site once and it was a big success. The story had to follow a logical course of events, characters couldn't be changed, the storyline couldn't take an abrupt turn ("it was all a dream"), and no poster's contribution could be discounted. Eventually, the strongest writers determined the genre and those who could hang, did.

The same seems to be happening here and it looks like it's going to be a romance. Though there have been attempts to go in another direction, it keeps coming back.
I love that thread. Yeah, there are a few disconnects here and there, but for the most part its flowing pretty consistently.

It's important to read the entire thread and then making sure you're current before posting for consistency's sake.

I think everyone posting will add their own storyline direction. I anticipate that a few posters will "own" a portion of the storyline, so as with a lot of novels, there will be several stories within the story. I don't think that that's necessarily a problem as long as it doesn't become a tug-of-war.

What I'd like to see happen is at the end (whenever that is), we could edit it as a group and attempt to get it published, with any proceeds going to a charity or cause.

What thinks you?

i love the thread too!

all of the twists make it really fun to think about how to develop the characters and what they're next moves will be.

i agree, that there have been some disconnects, and i think it is really important to read the WHOLE thread before posting. There are all kinds of things that have been dropped out there that could be picked up and developed, let alone keeping the story going with consistent information.

this thread has inspired me to think about even doing something on my an exercise in strengthening my writing.

i have a friend with a publishing company who is an author that i've done some private editing for. i invited him here yesterday to take a read and join us if he had time.

we'll see...

I like it, it's usually the first post I go to now when I log onto the site. Nykkii I'm glad you started it in the first place. I didn't really think it was too inconsistent. I wrote in one on a certain site that starts with a B, that shall remain nameless and it was totally out of control, I think we are doing a good job of staying on "track."

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when did perry have the spelling of his name changed? LOL

i never saw perry and denise as an item.

perry is in love with shani and to keep her off his mind he's focused soley on his career. denise is an on the side, keep the bed warm, get the needs met woman in his mind--although she thinks differently. like kweli i see denise being manipulative and doing whatever she has to to get this man.

we'll see how things play out...and what new characters are introduced. hehehehehe Wink

negrospiritual--expalin how you see her being hard headed--i think i've missed that.

to me she seems spoiled (by her dad), and career driven, and she seemed to be in love with her man, i.e. wanting to surprise him with her job news and all.

the "boo" thing is real, i think its safe to say we'd get sensitive about pet names when we know our man has used them on ex's.

the coke use was kind of uncharacteristic of the character i saw being developed, but it's fit in so far.

i guess i just haven't seen "hard-headed".

btw-thanks for the love in the other thread--i dont think there is any chance of understanding there, ya know. Roll Eyes


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