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My friend Joseph Kendall, a pioneer in his field, being one of the first few Black male Afro-American models in 70s & 80's. He is writing a blog about his challenges living in Scandinavia, being a father of 4 sons:


He is also in the process of writing on a book about his Journey, his experiences, traveling around the world and about being an Afro-American in a foreign country.


Take a look, comment, share it with the world, pledge, tweet it and talk about it. Whatever you do, any feedback on this topic will be appreciated :-)

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Thank you Momentum! For your comment.


I hope that Joseph and I manage to get this this story out there. Its a really important one, since it also deals with the struggle of being allowed to stay a present father after a breakup, when a mother does what she can to deny the kids their right to be with their Dad.


We have tried our first shot at crowdfunding, and we have realized we might make another run at it after the holidays are over, in September. SInce it seems we are not succeeding this time now. We need an editor, a layout designer and maybe a publisher if we make it into a hardcover book. We have a realistic budget of about 15000 US$, to cover all the expenses to make this happen. So that`s why we are reaching out to people in the US and all around the world, we hope most people will be able to pledge, share or get to hear something about his Journey.

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