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Brothers and sisters fasting is a good way to rid ourselves of the waste that is in our bodies. Fasting can do more for you than any drug the doctor will ever give you. There are a number of ways you can fast. You can fast from food and drink Green teas (that is a great way to detox your body) or fast from food and drink natural water. i fast 3 days every month because it will pay off in the long run. We have to watch what we eat and how much we eat a day. Trust me you will feel a difference.
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Sister Nubian, thank you for the information about the fasting process. I also wanted to add to your statement that if one were to ball up his or her fist, your stomach is about the size of that. So before eating each morning, the stomach has to be flushed before eating by drinking water. In fact, that is what you are doing when you eat Breakfast each morning, you are breaking a fast of not eating for eight hours. Too often, people start the day by overloading the stomach with heavy foods (e.g., huge pancakes, pototoes, ham, sausage) that weigh down the stomach even before it gets an opportunity to eliminate the foods that were eaten the day before. But because the stomach is no bigger than your balled up fist, it has to be opened up slowly in the morning by drinking water and eating foods high in moisture (e.g., grapefruit, orange, lemons, limes, cantelope, watermelon). We clean the OUTSIDE of our bodies, hopefully, everyday, but the INSIDE of our bodies needs a thorough cleansing also. Citrus fruits, along with Aloe Vera juice, are nature's internal cleansers and astringents.

Try this for a week (Great way to Lose Weight!): The moment you get up in the morning, drink plenty of water, preferrably with lemon (as much as you can get down). WAIT for the body to eliminate the foods that were eaten the day before, then eat nothing but fresh fruits. Watch the pounds melt away.
I'm not anti-fasting but it does need to be done carefully and mindfully.

Just fasting to release toxins and going back to a crappy diet is a waste of time.

As a kick start to a new healthy eating regime it's good. You need to ease into and exit a fast with a lot of care. And a fast IMHO should only last 8hrs, not several days.

Exercise is the best way to release toxins and fix stress. If you combine it with good food then great! But even a not-so-good diet with exercise is better than a good diet and zilch exercise.

There are so many books on how to look good naked, but they are worth zilch if you feel like crap coz you eat crap and never exercise.
i'm brother nubian, i have to use my avatar... but its all good. Fasting is life my brothers and sisters, its one of the greatest things we could do for ourselves and our bodies. IF you have never fasted before start out small, you don't want to hurt yourself and fast right away for like 5 days. Do a day here and there until your body gets used to the method. Stay in prayer and stay strong in the mind. Trust me there has been times when i was fasting and someone happens to come to the door with some rich healthy food, even though the food may be good, you have to train yourself in the mind and really become one with yourself.

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