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all in fun, what are the sexual fantasms that are associated to your given name. (man, you can find ANYTHING on the internet!!)

sexual fantasms

mine (given name not shared):
You have the most original, the most weird and the most scandalous fantasms. Indeed, it's very difficult to shock you. In your reveries, everything is possible - except that you have no taste for the morbid and the pernicious. No, your imaginative frenzies, even though they often cross the frontiers of the forbidden, are always accompanied by a good dose of tenderness and respect for the others. In your fantasms, there is love between many persons, there's also love between men or between women. But such scenarios are by no means depraved. What's important for you is to meet together, to love together, even though this may disturb conventional people.

The man of your dreams is a rebel, a revolter, a freedom fighter. Your senses can flare up only in an atmosphere of revolt or revolution, of struggle for changing the world. But your fantasms can also be more serene - you succumb to all pacifists, to those who struggle to improve the world, to ecologist militants. Your fantasmic man is a lawyer roaming the world for Amnesty International, a surgeon operating in refugee camps, or a well-digger helping the peasants in the Sahel. Evidently, you're often sensitive to epopees of the future - the hero of a space ship has everything to make you dream. If he seizes you in the alleyways of his ship, your ecstasies will rapidly become cosmic!

**oddly enough this is true...

Don't make me come down there. --God
<small style="color: green; font-family: lucida sans unicode">"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." steve biko</small>
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Funny... they actually had my name (since 10 yrs old), but they did not have my birth name (Vickey)

You try to hide it for fear of passing for an unyielding amazon, but the fact is that strength fascinates you. Of course, you put on civilized airs, you can even show yourself very much refined and evolved, but deep down in you lies dormant an instinctive being, who likes power, fight, and even brutality. Your often excessive fantasms worry you. But you are wrong, for there's absolutely nothing perverse or sadistic in you. Those images of violence which attract you and in which you sometimes delight secretly are simply for you the expression of life's energy and force. They strictly have nothing morbid. If you secretly dream of tall, flaxen-haired conquerors blithely raping their lovely prisoners, or of muscular policemen on their huge motorcycles, you've nevertheless no taste for destruction. And... Ummm.... how did they know some of these things about me? Don't get any ideas!!! cool

You'll never acknowledge it to your friends, especially during these times of triumphant feminism, but the man of your fantasms has everything of the prehistoric macho. He resembles the great Celtic warrior with his prominent muscles. He's also a Viking war chieftain dancing on his drakkar before landing to sack a monastery, a barbarian springing up from the steppes on his black stallion, or an Attila devastating everything on his way. He's, then, a strong man, who can also have the traits of a boxing champion, an Aikido master, a footfall star, or a fighterjet pilot. In brief, a man in all his virile splendor. A man who doesn't care about romanticism - he seizes you abruptly, brutalizes you, and sometimes rapes you. But you know that all will end well - you will know how to arouse his passion, and soon, it's for you that he will set off again to conquer the world! Not so sure about this part!!!

Enthusiastic, ardent, determined, you can know exuberant, exalting but tormented love affairs. roll eyes What else is new, story of my life Under the spell of a passion, you can let yourself go completely, for then nothing counts more than the actuality of your desire. In order to conquer the object of your passion, you are capable of any audacious act and the greatest sacrifices. But one could blame you for somewhat lacking tenderness and romanticism. eek

You are too passionate and too impulsive to ignore ardent sentiments. Therefore, loves at first sight are frequent under your first name. This can make you live a more or less difficult adolescence because of your too precocious affairs. Also, on the spur of the moment, you can endanger your couple life when the noontide of your life comes, for you live too much in the present to care for past ties.

To try to pick up a Nkechi is no impossible challenge! This adventurer of the heart is always ready to succumb wink -- even when she's already engaged in a relation, it must well be admitted! You will only need to follow a few recipes in order to succeed in conquering her.

First of all, make use of frankness: make her understand that you find her attractive, without resorting to subtleties which she would not understand. Then take care to get along quite well with her innumerable friends whose ideas matter very much to her eyes. confused (I don't think so)

With your independent character and your vital need of freedom, you have trouble adapting yourself to the restraints of married life. Nevertheless, you loathe loneliness so much that you end up allowing yourself to accept a ring round your finger... (that was just the first time) but not a rope round your a neck - there's a difference!

Your spouse rapidly understands that above all he should never attempt to lock you up in a cage, even if it's a golden one. Anyway, you only follow your own penchant. Irresistibly attracted to novelty, strongly predisposed to love outbursts, you sometimes offer yourself some fancy adventures.

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