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From reading the story below and the actions of Dungy, I have come to believe that Dungy son killed himself because of his fathers lack of attention. I believe Dungy love affair with football was the envy of his son, the young man believed that his father loved football more than he loved him and Dungy's return to coaching the next game after his son's death and eventual funeral somewhat confirms what his son may have believed. I believe his son's actions was meant to disrupt what appears to be a superbowl winning year for his Father by replacing the memories of this great run the Colts appear to be on with the death of his son. The question is will such be the case, will Dungy actually think more about his son than he do Football in the years to come when he look back on his life. Who knows, I could be wrong about all of this but these are the thoughts that came to mind after reading the story below....


Dungy's son hanged himself, 911 call tapes show
18-year-old James apparently used belt to hang himself from ceiling fan
The Associated Press
Updated: 3:21 p.m. ET Jan. 5, 2006

TAMPA, Fla. - The son of Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy used a belt to hang himself from a ceiling fan, according to the 911 call the teen's girlfriend made when she found him last month.

Antoinette Anderson returned to James Dungy's apartment after a 10-minute walk early Dec. 22 to find him apparently lifeless, according to tapes released Wednesday. The tape is the first public indication how James Dungy, 18, killed himself.

"I think my boyfriend's dead," an anguished Anderson told an emergency dispatcher. "I think he tried to hang himself or something."

She told the dispatcher she had used a knife to cut James Dungy down and that his roommate was asleep in another room.

"Get the roommate up," the dispatcher told Anderson. "You're gonna need some help here, OK?"

Anderson is then heard telling the roommate, whose name has not been released, "I think he's dead, like for real. And I'm on the phone with 911."

The two tell the dispatcher Dungy isn't moving. The dispatcher tells them how to perform CPR as Anderson cried.

"Force two deep breaths of air into the lungs just like you're blowing up a big balloon," the dispatcher said. "Did you do that?"

"Yes," Anderson said. "I just don't think he's alive."

"Did you feel air going in?" the dispatcher asked.

Anderson replied, "No. No."

A Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy soon arrived and took over the CPR. A paramedic crew took Dungy to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The local medical examiner has called the death an apparent suicide, but has refused to give an exact cause pending results of toxicological tests that should be ready in about a month.

On Oct. 21, James Dungy was treated after overdosing on painkillers. Then, he calmly told a 911 dispatcher he "was just being stupid" and had taken about 18 pills. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

James Dungy had moved back to the Tampa area from Indianapolis last year to attend college. His father had coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996 to 2001.

Tony Dungy missed one game after his son's death, returning to the Colts' sideline last Sunday. The Colts, the top seed in the AFC, open the playoffs Jan. 15 in Indianapolis.
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I am always apprehensive about 'Monday morning quarterbacking' a tragedy, particularly a family tragedy.

I am moved to ask where is the wife in all this. I haven't followed the story so I don't know that was a wife. I heard nothing about one in any of the broadcast pieces.

Wrong!!! I noted in one piece that he said he had talked with his wife about when to go back the his team obligation.

What is the time for mourning? Who decides? Isn't the family decision sufficient? Should we speculate that Dungy's will prevail over the real need of the family?

My father died on the 23rd of December. I had been called home on the 21st. I cleared my calendar and didn't return to work (on the other end of the State) until the turn of the year.

Some in the family thought I could have, should have, stayed with my mother longer. She was 63 at the time.

I was impressed that he had one of his sons with him. Maybe that was the need identified by Dungy and his wife.

Tragedy is tragic.


Jim Chester

I like to have my fun but this is not something that I really think is a good topic.

The man lost his child. It is normal for Dungy to go back to football as a coping mechanism.

My boss just lost his son and needless to say he is not himself and is making some strange choices. I wish that I could talk to him as I lost my father not too long ago but there is a difference between losing a father and a son.

I guess my thought is do not judge Tony Dungy. We all cope differently.
I don't think we should judge Tony nor his son. The possibilities are limitless as to why an 18-year-old would hang himself, and why his family would handle it in the way that they would.

All we really know for sure is that the son needed help and his dad has to cope with his son's death the best way he knows how.

And that the whole thing is very, very sad. Frown

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