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Originally posted by MidLifeMan:
Don't you ladies find it ironic that most men want to date a super model type i.e. a women with a nice body and face but they can be a fat potbelly, bald, bad teeth and a women is suppose be ok with that Wink

THANK YOU for pointing that out. I often wondered if the men like that (ones you described) realized that in the physical sense, they were far from ideal.
Did I also say that my love from 2000 is the ultimate african warrior motif,... incomparable Keith Hamilton Cobb... bow He's got the voice [baratone], the height[6'4"], and the braids or dreads... but then again just look at the skin covering that body... Yes, I am on a roll tonight. Keith looks so good, just looking at him makes me have a good day. Hope his beauty brightens yours, oh and of course... hitit


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Originally posted by AudioGuy:
{urgent msg}

I heard that ALL the men that have been pictorally represented in this thread... are GAY.

I guess you will all have refocus on AudioGuy


{/urgent msg}

well, cute as you may be AG from your animated pic (except for those 3 strange lines on your chest Wink) I'm not worried, as long as Djimon isn't gay - and I'd bet money on it. laugh

Just give me the opportunity and I'll prove it, lol. Sounds fair to me. cool
All the men on this thread, You need to stopp hating. spank

Unless you have proof, and then I would question how you would get it, then lets agree that all heterosexual men pictured in this topic are that Heterosexual Men, being adored by the ladies. eyes

It is only our eyes that adore them so what is the drama guys. Wake up, hit

Celebrate that we swoon over your brothers don't hate, because you to could have the body of an African Warrior if you really put the effort into it. I believe every brother here could make the cut, all you have to be is cut and willing to show some skin and you are all in appl

Now, with that said, I also have to give you an update.

Sandye, I do not know if Jason is Black, but does anybody really care? protest I don't cause whatever is ethnic background is, all I know for a fact is that he is from Hawii and grew up in Iowa or Idaho but it does not really matter to me because, rest assured hitit

Frenchy, I love Jason's dreads, they just do something real primal to me. I have to put up the picture with him with long hair in its natural state, he is still beautiful but he looks really different. Additionally I don't find Keith all that attractive with a short fro, he looks to regular that way to me. And yes by the end of Andromeda he had a very close cut, no dreads or braids.

Jason, plays Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis every friday night on SCIFI check your areas for times.

Keith, can been see on DVD for Andromeda, and I will tell you now, the guy that played Hurcules is the Captain but Teare Anazsi [you know me and spelling] steals every scene he is in. I watched that show only for him and when he left the show to rule some planet, I stopped watching. I can safely say he was in the first three season so don't by them all.

Art Gurl, if I can find some bear shots of Brad, and yes I do mean Brad Pitt, he will be all over this site. The way you feel about Djimon is the way I feel about Brad. Especially the way he looked in Troy and Legends of the Fall. Sandye some times all you need is a little Brad. Did I say that Jennifer Aniston is the dumbest woman on the planet. ohsnap Well,... she is cause I would have had 10 babies for Brad, but let me find the pictures to show you be continued

Enjoy them Ladies, I am just glad to share with my sisters.

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