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I have to admit, I sometimes have those stomach cramps
from my period that make me lay on the floor and do various stretches.
Not intentional stretches just stretches that represent me wanting to
say OW STOP! I can't stand those stomach pains. Why does a period
have to hurt anyways? It already annoying the way it flows.

I remember taking birth control pills to alleviate that pain.
It did help to get rid of the stomach pains. Right now, I'm not taking
birth control pills for my PERIOD since I cannot afford them.

But here's a new solution, A female in an article says her
period became less painful from being in sports like the basketball
team and the soccer team. But when she stopped---OH, those pains
came back all right.

Also, my mother told me that athletes really dry out their periods.
It's interesting because though a period has it's purpose for our health but it can be such a
BIG PAIN, no pun intended.

But experts agree that aerobic exercise for lessening that menstral
pain. SO biking, swimming, ice skating, those fast pace
excercises should at least be done for 3 times a week,
30 minutes at a time. THat is the LEAST. Ofcourse, I say if you
want to get the maximum benefit go an hour or more. It shows the
maximum benefit in weight so if you want to try it for the maximum
benefit oh those doggone stomach pains!

Yes, so Tae bo may even get rid of your period pains. All that boxing.
After all, it is aerobics.
Yeah. But yes, any women with a one to 3 day period is fortunate. I don't like
having a 6 day period but anyways, we know what to do with our period.

I still got pain late at night from my period even though I been doing
2 hours of aerobic excercise, so maybe it works only for some or mine might
take some time to kick in.
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