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I tried to download the video but yall know I can never figure out how to do that.  Anyway....I saw the video...made me tear up to see kindness from an older brotha to a youngin cuz he saw how unhappy he was.  Young man was having a bad day until....

Emotional Restaurant Scene: Man Gives Waiter $300 Christmas Tip


Maurice Green, a Texas man out for dinner with his family, discerned that their waiter was unhappy and decided to do something to cheer him up. He asked the young man what his name was and how his day was going. The waiter said his name was Johnny and that his day had indeed been “kinda rough.”

“I kinda sensed that,” Maurice told him. He then handed Johnny a very generous tip -- $100.

“I wanna sow into your life,” he told the waiter.

Johnny was momentarily speechless and his eyes began to well up with tears.

“You just paid off my car, sir,” he told Maurice before shaking his hand.

“I can sense you’ve been working hard, and I think you done had a bad day,” Maurice told Johnny. “And so God told me to sow into your life big time.”

He continued, “Keep being who you are, keep being nice, don’t let people frustrate you, because people are not nice, and this family – the Green family – wants to bless you. Merry Christmas.”


Story image for Waiter gets 300 dollars xmas tip from PJ Media

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