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Taking a cue from Sunnubian posting updates from Common Dreams (a good source of progressive articles, I thought I'd post The video of Prof Wolff's monthly update & analysis of the economy in the U.S and abroad.


IMHO-this (and several others) are suitable replacements for almost every domestic news outlet's reporting on the economy.


If the video isn't working




"Everything is legal if the government can see you"-  KRS-ONE

Original Post

I searched his site for "obsolescence" and planned obsolescence was mention three times.  I searched for "accounting" and it was mentioned much more often but no suggestion that it be mandatory.


If everyone understood accounting they would see that planned obsolescence would be planned depreciation on the demand side.  Going into debt for junk that depreciates which of course creates a demand for JOBS to make the junk.


Nothing but a high technology treadmill.


Economists don't understand technology but promote jobs and talk about housing without talking about LAND OWNERSHIP.


"LAND OWNERSHIP" is not on his site either.



Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Good post MC.


Sometimes I believe that many African American forget that everything about America's economy should matter to us, really even more so, considering that we are the first and the hardest hit when America's economy takes a nose dive.

I've long beloved that we as a people define "Black issues" too narrowly.  Something need not affect us negativity and disproportionally for it to be a "Black issue".  We can and do have concerns raging from ecological issues to the effects of urban design. 




Planned obsolesces is something he (and others) have and do discuss.  David Harvey deals with it as it relates to the development of city and city life (what he calls "the right to the city").  Ownership is one of several ways of measuring relationships but not one that is exclusively transformational-in the way most of us think it is.


I don't see how we can discuss ownership in depth without considering the effects of "rent" as it relates to development.  

Landownership is definitely a good subject to discuss. Many of us have family members and friends who own land in the south. We need to seriously look at the concept of Heir Property and the legal issues surrounding it. Those of us who have been named in wills need to look into securing our ancestral lands to include mineral rights. Right now LAND is the next hot item. I'm seeing it right now. Been seeing it for the last 10 years. Good call, Xumbrachist.

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