Dwight Howard is from Atlanta   black gay capital of the world. What a dim wit the damn fool just did a interview but he never thought that the camera was still on him. This happened last night. On facebook it was in slow motion and you can see Isiah Canaan looking at Dwight Howard's crouch and Howard looking at Canaan's crouch before Dwight grab him. Canaan knew it was coming too because he puts his arm up to try to block it, so how often this kind of mess been going on? Isiah Canaan must be a catcher. Them muggafuggas are gay. Also it appeared that Canaan was rubbing himself before Howard arrived. All this gay crap is getting too damn much for me. 






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People are so sexually obsessed,it's possible that in a few years, as you walk down the street, people will be screwing off to the side for all to see (like dogs) in all ways possible and it will be "normal" as most everything else is these days. Genitalia will probably be displayed all over TV for those Cialis commercials to show everyone the effects of those 4 hour erections from the side effects of taking whatever the hell that blue pill's called. Fornication rules in America, the repercussions such as babies and diseases not discussed so much. We're an animalistic bunch; nasty mofos. Fifty Shades of Grey has folks buying sex toys left and right.  Thank God for soap and water.

That was no accident.


Dwight Howard purposely grabbed him and his teammate didn't make any angered negative reactions.


His reaction was "baby, we're on TV! It's not the right place and time to do this now"


Heterosexual men would NEVER EVER do that.


Heterosexual have problems sitting on the same sofa watching a game on TV and accidently touching elbows.


Both brothers are clearly on the down low and I don't think that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will try to do anything about it because Howard is one of the biggest and most visible marketing stars in the NBA.


It's NBA All-Star weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and with all the previous and current underlying racism issues and Donald Sterling, the last thing he needs and doesn't want is another huge scandal on his hands because unlike the situation with now retired gay NBA player Jason Collins who came out as the first openly gay NBA player in American sports history who played for over 10 seasons while in the closet that's was highly praised and all positive nationally, this situation will be a nuclear bomb that will explode nationally and only come off as totally negative changing the entire narrative because Howard, the Houston Rockets organization and the NBA Commissioner will all have to defend themselves, investigate and find and/or suspend both players who will be exposed as gay players for actions and conduct unbecoming.


NBA promotes being family friendly ("NBA Cares") that dyck grab for astar player who is highly visible in those commercials promoting their agenda totally killed all that.


The NBA currently have racism issues throughout the league they are purposely avoiding and really don't want to deal with this.


First Donald Sterling, the Atlanta Hawks front office racist e-mail and conference call situation (controlling owner Bruce Levenson and GM Danny Ferry) and now this?


And the internet will be on fire putting it out there even further because many don't like Dwight Howard.


Question is what will the media do (especially ESPN) because they all know and have all seen the video.


Let the double standard hypocrisy begin.

That was bizarre for two men, straight or Gay.  It would be bizarre for a heterosexual couple.  


I mean, how many (sane) adults actually touch the other's genitalia in a public place for the whole world to see?  


He's shouldn't get a pass on this either, because no one came to the game to watch virtual porn, and no one brought their children to the game or had them sitting in front to the television screen to see this guy engage in groping or rubbing or coddling another man's genitals.  


I can't say who's Gay or straight between the two men, but I don't know a straight man where another man touching him like that would not have started a fight.  

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P.S.:  Don't know why this was posted in the "Laughs and Smiles" thread, because there certainly is not anything "funny" about ANY adults engaging in a sexual display or 'touching' the other's genitalia in public.  

I was so confused I did not know where to put it 

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