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Dropout Gates says: Get degree

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The richest college dropout in the world offered high-school students some career advice last week: Get a college degree.

"The really good jobs now require a college education," Bill Gates said Friday during the 15th annual Minority Student Day organized by the Blacks at Microsoft employee group.

Gates also shared some personal history and hinted at Microsoft's plans to compete with Apple Computer's iPod during a speech to students visiting Microsoft's campus. It was also broadcast to schools around the country.

Gates urged students to prepare for careers in technology by studying math and science, even though he acknowledged that the U.S. needs to "revitalize" the way those subjects are taught.

He also told students not to worry too much about competition from India and China because for now, the U.S. still has the best universities and advanced research in the world.

One of the students in Redmond seemed better suited for a career in journalism — he pressed Gates on speculation that Microsoft is developing a device to compete with Apple's iPod. Gates didn't answer directly, but said Microsoft is talking to partner companies to see how they can "come together" to develop better music and video players.

A teacher asked how she can encourage students to attend college, when they point out Gates dropped out of Harvard.

Gates said he actually had nearly enough credits to graduate because he took Advanced Placement classes in high school. When he left to start Microsoft, he made sure he could go back and get his degree if the company didn't pan out.

"I love education, and the more you can get of it the better," he said. "But if you see a chance to start a company that's going to change the world that has to be done that minute, that's the special case that, if your school will take you back, give it a shot."

File that in the do as I say, not as I do, category.

From the top

Perhaps Microsoft can cut back on lobbying expenses in Olympia, since it apparently has a strong advocate in the governor's mansion.

During a groundbreaking ceremony at Microsoft's campus last week, Gov. Christine Gregoire said that one the proudest moments in her life came during a trip to Beijing, when she was taking a cab from the airport and saw Microsoft's name on the side of its building.

"I was proud then and I am proud every single day of this wonderful company," she said.

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Gates is one funny guy. How come he tells this to black and "minority" groups but not to his hippie mainstream buddies children. Is he a "white" god that brings a solution to our predicament. For Gates information, black people in America are not that misinformed and are doing that NOW. Maybe if you talk to colleges to accomodate and "prefer" low income blacks as a targetted group, after all dont you colleges want to test how superior and effective a college education brings. With that in mind, I might reconsider. Otherwise Gates is stepping back and not moving foward like his softwares.

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Originally posted by blackblogger:
If I had a chance to speak with Mr. Gates I would challenge him to bankroll 2 promissing students at EVERY college in the United States.

Gates "Pair". One Male. One Female. Let's see if my genious idea, mentioned here on, reaches Bill Gate's ears.

Plan sound good but bill gates know that only 54% of American college students graduate with bachelor degree with blacks falling below that number by 15% to 20% less. On top of that American college students are not finishing 4 year degrees in 4 years but 5 years.

He wouldnt entertain the idea but he would entertain American children of "what's best for you talk."
Gates urged students to prepare for careers in technology by studying math and science, even though he acknowledged that the U.S. needs to "revitalize" the way those subjects are taught.

I'm quite suprised that Bill doesn't run his own university... might not be such a bad idea...particularly if he can inspire people, create innovation... and of course offer loads of scholarships to people he can identify with potential... not just high grades.

Bill Gates does have a University -- Microsoft.

You just have to have a top 5% IQ, Engineering Background, and must already have worked for Microsoft to apply.

Competition at it's best.

I'm sure the Gates Foundation already donates plenty of millions to various college Endowments. But notice, the INCREASE in the number of accepted "elligible" college freshment doesn't correlate *directly with the GROWTH in endowments to the major colleges/universities. So are colleges enriching themselves (professor's salaries/research grants), without providing additional students access to their vast intellectual resources on campus?

If you are wondering just what the hell universities are doing with all thier cash from RICH folks, just search "Princeton A&P Endowment" to see what is happening and what the hell can go wrong when you donate $65M to your favorite IVY. Wall Street Journal reported -- The Grandson of the A&P Food Chair store Heiress writes, "DAD, WE WERE MUGGED by Princeton" after investigating how the university is handeling thier family's some $300M Endowment/Trust.

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