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Did anyone catch CNN last night? They were interviewing the caller but I only caught the last min or so. From what I gathered it was the fact that when she kept saying "stop, you're treading on thin ice" and the good Dr kept trying to down play the what she was saying is what offended her.

I understand the arguements on both side that the word has different meanings depending upon who uses it. Personally I don't use it nor do I allow my kids(speaking of context, my wife hates it when I call the children kids) With that in mind I try to teach my children to ignore any idiot that tries to get them upset over the word.

ocatchings, I watched the caller Nita "Jade" Hanson on Larry King last night and she is typical of Dr. Laura fans. They consider Dr. Laura a godsend hero & mother figure of conservatives morals and values.and this woman totally felt that way about her but IMO they all seems to have the same problem.

They are completely clueless about many things and lacks plain ole common sense.

Years ago, I listened for several weeks to Dr. Laura and this is what she does; this type of  "shock jock" demeaning speak and audience control and her listeners and callers seem to eat it up.....and Dr. Laura does not care in the least bit about the feelings of her fans....and if Dr. Laura in her demeaning conservation with this caller was totally void of the N-word with everything else that was said by Dr. Laura included. this would be a total non issue and this caller would still be a Dr. Laura fan, calling in and listening.

They call in and ask IMO, some of the dumbest questions I have ever heard with their sullen dependency and it allows Dr. Laura to sit on her throne and treat them this way; she take these positions with any caller issues to chastise and berate her callers like that and they all allow it looking and seeking her advice. They hang on to her every word. She has even made callers cry.  To me, it's like they need that firebrand mother figure in their lives to figure out how to manage their everyday lives with the most basic things. So her use of the N-word was threading on thin ice but so is everything else that Dr. Laura said to her, gives advice about issues and this caller kept listening to it day in and day out.

And all of a sudden after listening all those years this caller finally came to the realization and conclusion that Dr. Laura, her idol, is a racist? Ya think!

So yes, the caller was right that the N-word should not be used but she also has to take some blame & responsibility for intentionly listening to this Dr. Laura crap all these years, calling in previous times over to fix other issues in her life and cheering Dr. Laura on
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Charlie, she actually was pretty demeaning to this woman even outside of the N-word comment, but you're right, this woman probably wouldn't have been upset by the other stuff (even though, IMO, the other stuff Laura said about race was far worse than just the use of the N-word). 

I even have a black female Facebook fan who, yesterday, posted as a status how shocked she was to learn that Dr laura is a racist.  This Facebook friend is one who always posts statuses about race, how trifling white people can be, everything and everybody is racist to this woman.  She rails about brothas who date white women, and so on.  THIS woman, as "racial" as she is, LOVED Dr. Laura until this incident!!  I'm like, WTF???

Fortunately, Dr. Laura's show isn't aired in my radio market.  But I've always known enough about her to know what a piece of shit she is.
Did anyone catch CNN last night? They were interviewing the caller but I only caught the last min or so. From what I gathered it was the fact that when she kept saying "stop, you're treading on thin ice" and the good Dr kept trying to down play the what she was saying is what offended her.

You know ... I tried to watch that interview ... but I just couldn't make it all the way through to the end.  Besides the fact that (for reasons I can't put my finger on) Larry King as an interviewer has just been dancing on my LAST damn nerve lately .... ..... between the questions he asked and her White world-conservative-thinking "politically correct" answers coming out of a Black woman's mouth .... well, it just wasn't my day for "tolerance"! 

At least in the beginning, Larry was basically asking her the same questions that Dr. Laura had ("Well, what about the fact that Black comedians and entertainers DO use that word in conversation?) and her little weak-azz, non-sista-like, 'oh don't let me make White people mad with my answer' responses .... I just couldn't take it anymore!! 

She sounded to me like she might be trying to gear up for a lawsuit instead of setting the record straight.  After hearing she had been listening to Dr. Laura for "5-10 years" ... (which is really a long stretch ... I mean, which one is it ... 5 years or 10 years?? ) she blew all credibility with me.  And I hit the "NEXT" button on my remote with a quickness.

Ya know, about five minutes ago, I just listened to Dr. Laura’s audio comments (for the first time). The transcript is one thing but hearing her spew her ignorant cracker comments was another. This woman is typical of a number of whites who pull out the white race card when venting and attempting to rationalize their ignorance (e.g.,”….usurping my constitutional rights to give an opinion…”). Telling this black woman that she is oversensitive when whites openly use the “N” word in her presence, asking her goofy race questions simply because she is black is ok, attempting to justify the use of this ugly racist epithet because blacks use it and telling her if she cannot handle race jokes, inappropriate questions and racist comments –“then don’t marry outside your race”, is bullshit.

But we all may be overlooking something here. Dr. Laura earns big bucks for saying provocative and outrageous things. She is like Rush Limbaugh, an entertainer, a farcical caricature and clown who makes a living posing as someone who has the inside track on reality, fact and the bottom line. This is total nonsense. So, I guess we may be giving this woman (and those like her) more attention than what her existence merits……

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