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.... Or is it me?? Smile

Here's my dilema .. for the past 5 or 6 years now, two organizations have been fighting amongst themselves as to who should have the rights to put on the MLK Day Parade here. Both the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade Foundation and the Black Heritage Society have publically sparred with each other over whose parade is bigger or better or sanctioned or authentic .. Roll Eyes For the last two years they have settled their differences by having 2 parades!! Eek One after the other (One at 10:00, one at 2:00) following the same Downtown route and participants who want to perform in both have to pay two entrance fees!!

Now, I find this utterly ridiculous and I'm about to fire off two very hot letters to both of these organizations telling them how insane I think it is to fight in this manner regarding a man who preached unity, harmony and to love -- not oppose -- each other! Eek It divides the city as to who to support, not to mention the havoc caused downtown! And what kind of lesson does that teach to kids? Confused

But, before I make this keyboard start humming, I wanted to ask y'all if perhaps I'm being too emotional here? Is it not all that bad a thing to just have two MLK parades? Was this the best way to settle the differences between these two organizations? Or should I let 'em have it?? Confused Big Grin
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Originally posted by Faheem:
Yea,.,, I think Houston has a problem,,, It is called Negroism. They can get help for that problem right here on this forum. I will be happy to help them get over their Negroism. Cool


Okay, that's it ... I'm going for it! Big Grin

You know, this town really amazes me!! Not two years after I had moved here, this very same town voted to keep Affirmative Action in city and country contracts on their books ... and then they turn right around and do something like this!! Eek

Never a dull moment around here.
I think the "Houston Syndrome" is nationwide. Locally, we didn't have a community-wide event because one group wouldn't let the other 'be in charge.'

Everyone wants to define what Dr. King stood for.

When those with the greater capability (money) control the event, they select the speaker who reflects (epitomizes) their perception of what Dr. King was about.

Dreaming and hoping for a better day.

When those with less capability (no money) control the event, they select the speaker who reflects (epitomizes) their perception of what Dr. King was about.



Tell about themselves.

But I'll bet they won't change until they embarrass themselves.


Jim Chester
I have an update on an interesting turn of events ...

The letter to the MLK, Jr. Parade Foundation was returned to me today as having a bad address!! Eek Eek

Also, I heard on Free Speech radio earlier this week that when the Black Heritage Society submitted their application for a permit for next year's parade, they were TURNED DOWN due to not having proper insurance coverage for the event. Apparently, there is a law on the books that says they have to, but it has always been overlooked or in come way exempted in past years. They were screaming everything from racial discrimination to threatening "taking action" in their news conference. I will try to listen to find out how it turns out!

Also, I went Googling in an effort to find a proper address for the Parade Foundation. Couldn't come up with anything, but found a Gay and Lesbian message site where the question was being asked which group would most likely be more amenable to having the G&L group participate with them. The answer was that the Heritage Society was supposed to be the "community organization" while the Parade Foundation was of the "corporate" type. Neither org has responded to the posters request for information. I don't know what that means, but I sent an email to the poster to see if he could give me whatever info he has about this Parade Foundation group!!

And lastly, from some other email "feelers" I sent out, I learned that this whole dispute and double parades started in 1998 when the Black Heritage Society, who had been hosting the parade for the previous 21 years went to the courthouse to obtain a permit for that year's parade and was declined because another group, the MLK, Jr. Parade Foundation has already applied and received a permit for that date. At the time, only one parade permit per day was allowed! Eek

The two have been scrapin' ever since! Roll Eyes

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