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I think it differs from community to community, and unfortunately, the more so-called "middle-class" or so-called "upper-class" a Black man is or gets, the less likely he is going to be the one to stand up for or protect Black women.

Burgeroiseism seems to strip a lot of masculine instinct from Black men and replace it with a lot of bitch-like snobbish indifference to what happens to Black women.

Like it or not, it's most likely going to be the young Black male [or his dad, or uncle, or cousin, or friend] who may be "sagging", that will likely, on reflex, come to the aid and/or fight to protect a Black woman or girl.

But, there are so many variables in the mix that may determine whether or not Black women feel "protected", like where she lives, the make-up of her family and extended family and circle of friends, because, of course any woman's natural first line of defense is her family.

For example, my father died when I was young, but I grew up with a step-father and three brothers, a number of male cousins, and a number of male friends, who would come to my aid in a heartbeat, even now, though we all are older now. 

Some women grow up without a father or step-father and have no brothers,  or many male cousins or male friends, and the make-up of their family is predominately female.

You also have to take into account today's society's disposition, where most people [of any race] are distant from each other or do not even know their neighbors, or have been socially conditioned into a "don't get involved" mentality.

So, when it's ALL said and done, it depends on the Black woman, the make-up of her family, where she lives, and the type of men in her life and around her, or her own perception and outlook on life, whether or not she may feel "protected".



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  We've never felt protected in my opinion.  As why there has been more Black women than Black men to fight against slavery, racism and human rights [i.e. discrimination].  We have been the foot soldier to our own cause.  And no need to look for the Black male cuz he's been conditioned/brainwashed/trained not to protect the Black female in his culture since he was snatched from Africa.  Like a corralled animal, he's been conditioned/brainwashed/trained to protect his white master[and mistress].  A few Black African men have come to the physical aid in terms of fighting through the years to help the cause but the majority of Black men today, bourgeoisie or not, will not come to the aid to protect Black women.  I haven't seen it.  And today I see more Black women continue to come to the aid of targeted Black men/youth.  But our men through the years  have only come to the cause of equality for the culture not for the protection of Black women[realistically some Black men have shamed Black women for being so bold and public in protecting them].  As why there is so much disparity between the Black man and Black woman.  Now in the same breath the Black man will PROTECT the white woman or  any woman outside his culture....cuz why?  He's been psychologically branded to do so.  I call it the eunuch pandemic-which can be deemed as protecting/guarding  the white woman or other women outside his culture as a sign of his worth, valor, responsibility [a form of forced loyalty to the massa] that derived from the white man's western thought.  Nothing to do with manhood mine you. 

And most of the Black men in this country have been trying with all their might to prove they are just as manly as white men-by modelling white men's behavior and believing what  white men believe.  Cuz Black men have no true recollection of what it means to be an African or Black man of  his culture.  Have no idea.  This is why rap culture is so disrespectful to Black women-cuz they mimic the behavior of the white slaver.  Cuz when some Black men get any kind of money/status, they race to get the first white or light skinned anythang they can to show worth-like he made it.  It's called blanquemiento-especially true in the Americas.  But most importantly Black men/boys have been trained to see white or light skinned women as flawless maidens to be rescued and protected/guarded.  As why again you will see light skinned or white women depicted in rap videos as signs of beauty and success.   On the other hand, Black women [on the same rap video] are depicted negatively as bitches, whores-the enemy of Black men.  So who's gonna protect Black women when some of our men, sons, uncles, brothers, male cousins don't even RESPECT us?    And the funny thing is....Black women have been falling on the blade for Black men/boys since slavery.   So.  Go figure. But! 

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Well, if "she" has the face of Kevin Hart and the blonde wig of Marilyn Monroe, she doesn't have to worry about "protection"; because Ole Homeboy's going to flat-out die laughing. They have all these weaves and dog-haired this and that, there are NO BLACK women to protect. Everybody's on the opposite side. 

Get it while you can get it; eventually it'll die out and so will you!!!!!

During "Black Month", white people should all sport Afro wigs. Every single one of them. What would Africans in America say to that??? It would probably be an improvement for Ole Orange Owl Eyes.

We wear their hair; they wear ours. That would be some serious "togetherness".

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