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Shizuka Arakawa won the Ladies Ice Skating Gold Medal in Tornio, the most antisipated event in the Olympics according to Bitchorella Katie Couric [spelling] so why was it a surprise to Dick Button and the rest of the Nasties on NBC. [Note a local sports caster from NBC did say that Shizuka was enchanting and her win no surprise to him but he was the minority vote] In listening to their comments during the competition, it was like Shizuka's perfect skate had come from anybody else it would have been the ultimate in perfection, but because she was not their favorite, they found the pettiest of flaws, when apparently the Judges found none. I wanted her to win so bad it was rediculous, especially after Miss Pretty Princess continued her trend of not being able to put two good programs together in one competition. Frankly,, I was total embarrassed because of their behavior [Dick and the other sorry ass pundits] and was going to write Ms. Arakawa a letter but then I said it would be to arrogant to write in english and assume she can read English. Since I can't write in Japanese I decided to vent here.

Shizuka spank Sasha Cohen's and Irina Slutskaya's asses by over 8 points when the American Press was only discussing Sasha's lead over Irina as razor thin they forgot that Shizuka was not even a point behind Sasha but she was rarely mentioned and then it was an afterthought. All they did was cry about how this was going to come down to tenths or hundredths between Sasha and Irina of a point as opposed to what really happened. hit

No one can question that Shizuka is the Olympic Champion like they did with Michelle Kwan razor thin loss of the gold [who is my favorite American skater, followed by my idol Dorthy Hamil, note I did not say include Dr. Debi Thomas, not because she is not one of my favorites, but because they are still just skaters and she is so much more than an Olympian, i.e. a medical doctor] Yet there are probably some who do not even know the good doctor partisipated.

My point, everybody can remember that lil' bitch Tara or the crack ho who knocked sweet Nancy Sweater, I mean Cardigan [oh you know me and spelling] down and Sarah's sister Emily but no body wants to give Shizuka her due. Why is it because she is not American? Russians or and European get major pub by the American Press, even Canadians or Aussies. But Asians, Hispanics, Blacks,.... And do not talk about Shani, or Ms. Flowers, they got theirs and they are American after all.

Suffice it to say after what happened during the short program, I went to sleep that night and woke up this morning hoping Ms. Arakawa would blow them away, just as I am sure many in Japan did. Yes, I was routing against the home team, because the home team is not always on my side, but that is another thread......

While Shizuka's skill and talent would get her the win even if it was thousandth of a point, the type of win, blowing the competition away by over eight points was shall we say cabbage in your face. So why are they soooooo surprised she was World Champion 2004!!!!!!!!!
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