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Do you feel society limits the rights of fathers? Does it seem that we have the same responsiblities but less rights then mothers?

Should a father be told if a women plans on aborting THEIR child?
_______________________ "Morality cannot be legislated but behaviour can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart but they can restrain the heartless." Martin Luther King.
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The father should be told. Where it goes beyond that...I don't know.

Fathers have rights and yes they seem to be limited in today's society. The thing that gets to me is when a guy abandons a kid for years then one day shows up like ta-da "I want to have say on this that and the other". WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU back in the day? Don't show up now and get parental!

And the only reason why this is tripping me out is because the father of my baby did the same. Never bought a damn thing and barely talked to me the whole time I was pregnant unless he wanted something. But when she we go. Now you wanna be concerned and argue about having her cremated. I don't think so buddy.

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