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My older brother got away with so much it isn't even funny. An example would be when I was 16 I wanted to go to this party really bad, it was a farewell party for my best friend. Anyway my mother told me I couldn't go unless my older brother went. In return I asked why he had to go babysit me when I never I had to babysit him. Well my mother calmly explained it was because she said so and that it all boiled down to the fact that girls can get pregnant and boys can't and until that changed or I became an adult that was the way things were going to go. Talk about unfair.
There is a huge double standard in my family.

Boys in my family were always babied.

It's funny because my mom always criticized old-school West Indian mothers for pushing their daughters to do everything around the house while they let their sons do as they pleased, but that's what my mom did herself.

Although I'm younger than my brothers, even when I was very young, when my parents wanted someone to shop, clean, wash, or cook the responsibility would be on me before any of them.

I used to have to wash my clothes by hand and then help my mom load my brothers' clothes in the laundryroom.

My parents would say that everything should be equal while at the same time their excuse was that women have to know how to do everything because women often end up doing everything.

My mom used to say that women tend to be the ones who take care of their aged parents and in-laws, their children, and their spouses all at the same time and so she was preparing us to be up for the challenge. Roll Eyes

But even now if we are having a family gathering and one of the guys wants an ice tea or something, one of us females are told to get it.

If one of us ladies want something, we are told simply where it is and "get some for your brothers while you're up."

If we ask the guys to do something for us, we are being lazy. When we tell the guys to do for themselves, we are being rude.

If one of the guys wants someone to babysit their children, they will nag one of us females who has a load of shit to do before they ask one of the guys who has nothing to do.

Expectations for us have always been a lot higher for us females.

The guys didn't turn out half bad. They cook and clean. Woohoo!

I always ask how the hell did that happen.

However I see them passing on some of the same double standards that we were raised with. They don't give the lame excuses, but unlike our parents, I don't think they are aware of what they are doing.

They are putting more responsibilities on the girls and they expect better behavior out of the girls. The girls are always expected to act at least two years older than they are or they are acting up. The boys act as if they are headless chickens some times and it's written off as them just being kids.

So the cycle continues.

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